Why You Should Consider Residential Solar Companies

by | Oct 14, 2022

Residential solar panels
Reputable residential solar companies are established and reliable solar hubs that provide all the services, advice, and information needed for quality solar installation. The right solar company can provide a solar panel system tailored for your home, expert advice, access to Federal rebates, and so much more.

Expert advice and recommendations

When it comes to residential solar panels, you want the best performance, reliability, and solar output possible. While premium products are part of the solution, specialist installation ensures that each component functions optimally. And for over 12 years, Solar System has performed expert installations throughout Sydney.

Our highly-experienced assessors and CEC-accredited installers provide you with everything you need to know to get the most out of your new system.

This can include:

  • System size requirements
  • Optimal orientation & tilt
  • Product recommendations
  • Return on investment
  • Technical specifications
  • Free no-obligation assessments

    Solar System is committed to helping Australian homeowners discover the value of solar power, especially when it’s optimised for their homes. That’s why we offer free solar assessments, performed by our highly-trained assessors.

    The layout of your home will be evaluated using 3D Aerial Imagery technology, determining your eligibility for solar and the best way to install panels on the property. Based on that assessment, our team will help you choose the best solar panel system for your home, complete with available payment options.

    Solar System offers a 10-day cooling off period after your free no-obligation assessment, in case you change your mind.

    Range of professional services

    Residential solar companies offer a selection of solar solutions, allowing Australian homeowners to efficiently create their dream setup. Solar installation should be a hassle-free experience and that includes having trained professionals deliver professional service in a timely manner.

    Reliable solar companies provide:

  • Residential solar system installation
  • Solar battery installation
  • Off-grid solar installation
  • Electric car charger installation
  • Solar warranties

    Your warranty is essential to ensuring the continued performance of your solar setup, covering you in case of unforeseen complications. The warranties for each type of solar component vary but typically relate to performance and product quality. However, your choice of solar installer can directly affect any future warranty claims.

    In order for your warranty to remain valid, each component needs to be installed in accordance with manufacturer instructions. Any deviation or subpar installation can void your warranty long before any problem can arise. This makes it vitally important to choose a company with a highly-trained team of solar installers, a team that won’t cut corners.

    Federal rebates

    From savings on your electricity bill to the initial cost of the system, the decision to go solar often comes down to finances. The good news is that there is a range of rebates available to offset the cost.

    One of the main Federal solar rebates, Small-scale Technology Certificates Can only be claimed when the solar components are Clean Energy Council approved and it is installed by a Clean Energy Council-accredited solar installer. In turn, CEC-accredited installers have undergone specialist solar training, allowing you to have confidence in their skill and compliance.

    Rather than dealing with the trading of STCs yourself, you can nominate a reputable solar company to do so on your behalf.

    A company like Solar System.

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