Solar Panels


Solar Panels

No matter which Smart Energy Solutions you’re looking for, customers can rest assured when dealing with Solar System Pty Ltd. We offer products of only the highest quality, backed up by extensive warranty periods. This ensures the best results for all our customers. It is extremely important to us that our customers have the same confidence in our products as we do.
solar panels

LONGi Hi-MO 4 Solar Panels


  • Global Tier1 PV module manufacture
  • n-type solar cell without LID caused by B-O ,power degradation in 1st year is no more than 1%
  • Better Temperature Coefficient
  • Industry leading 25 years product warranty
  • Excellent low irradiance performance
  • Excellent PID resistance
  • Positive power tolerance of 0~+3%
  • Double EL testing ensuring defect-free products
  • Module Imp binning radically reduces string mismatch loss
  • Excellent wind load 2400Pa & snow load 5400Pa under certain installation method
  • Find The Best Solar Panels In Sydney

    The amount of energy that Australia gets from the Sun is more than enough to meet the energy demands of homes and businesses. So, it makes perfect sense to install solar panels in Sydney. Installing solar panels in Sydney can have many benefits for customers. While the natural sources of energy, such as coal, gas and oil are fast depleting, they are a major concern. Thus, the benefit of a 300-watt solar panel in Sydney is evident.
    Australia is one of the top countries in the world in carbon emissions. It is also the third biggest exporter of fossil fuels after Russia and Saudi Arabia.

    Changing things for the better

    The LONGi solar panels are the number one panel brand in the list of tier panels and can provoke a positive change to this disturbing trend. We can do a lot by using the services of solar panel companies. A lot of Australians are finally realising the ill effects that fossil fuels have on the country’s environment. Therefore, more Australians are wanting to make the change and want to buy and install these high-quality products.

    We offer the best solar solutions in the region

    Our clients can be sure that they will get solar solutions at the best price from us at Solar System Pty Ltd. Along with this, we offer the best quality products and excellent service because of the experience we have in the industry. It is second to none. Thus, the cost of a project always reflects this. Thanks to our great experience, we also have the expertise to provide our clients with the best guidance in these cases. We always offer customers the best solar panel and solar system size to suit their needs. We offer our solar systems at extremely competitive prices whilst maintaining the quality of all our solar panels and products.

    We always work with high trusted brands

    We offer the best 300-watt solar panel in the region. This is because we work only with the best brands in the country for these products. Therefore, our LONGi solar panels are second to none.

    Our Products

    • Small Home

      LONGi Solar Panels 5kw Solis inverter
    • Medium Home

      LONGi Solar Panels 6kw Solis inverter-single phase
    • Big Home

      LONGi Solar Panels 8kw Solis inverter - single phase
    • Family Home

      LONGi Solar Panels 2x5kw Solis inverter - single phase Or 10kw Solis inverter - three phase
    • Small Business

      LONGi Solar Panels 10kw Solis inverter
    • Large Corporate

      LONGi Solar Panels 20kw Solis inverter
    • Massive Business

      LONGi Solar Panels 30kw Solis inverter



    We Follow

    5 Step Process


    Book Appointment

    Book your free solar assessment with one of our trained assessors. Using 3D aerial imagery technology, we will assess the layout of your home and determine your eligibility for solar power.


    Cooling-Off Period

    Our solar assessment is obligation-free. Therefore, we offer a 10-day cooling off period.


    After-Care & Warranty

    Our high quality products are all backed by very generous warranty periods.


    Free Solar Assessment

    One of our professional assessors will help you pick a system tailored to best fit your home and go through all payment options with you.



    Our team will take care of the entire installation process. With a quick turnaround time, you will be saving on your electricity bills in no time.


    Book Appointment

    Book you free solar assessment with one of our trained assessors. Using 3D areial imagery technology, we will assess the layout of your home and determine your eligibility for solar power. One of our appointment setter will assist you in booking an appointment time that best suits you.


    Free Solar Assessment

    One of our professional asessors will call you or come to you for an no obligation free solar assessment. They wil help you pick a system tailored to best fit your home and go through all payment options with you.


    Cooling-off Period

    Our solar assessment are obligation free. There fore, we offer a 10-day cooling off period.



    Our team will take crae of the entire installation process while staying in touch with you along the way. With a quick turn around time, you will be saving on you relectricity bills in no time.


    After-Care & Warranty

    Our high-quality solar panels are backed by a very generous product and performance warranty of 25 years, along with a 15 years warranty on workmanship. As well as this, we offer a 10 year extendable warranty on all Solar Inverters.

    We are one of the most active companies in the region

    This is clear from the thousands of installations we have done to date. This positions us amongst the best solar panel companies in the region. We have been in the industry for many years now and we believe in offering our clients the best solar panel for their needs. Ever since our foundation, we have left a great impression throughout the region with high-quality products and professional service. This is a major reason as to why people trust us for solar panels.

    We help our clients in making the best decision for them

    We help our clients make the right decision and choose the most suitable solar system for their property by offering them obligation-free quotes. Customers tend to go ahead with us for their 300-watt solar panel due to the great advice and information we offer at the initial assessment. By doing this, we build trust with our customers making it very easy for them to realise the benefits with us.

    We also offer interest-free payment plans on our various products such as LONGi solar panels. Our clients also highly regard us due to the extensive warranty periods we offer. We offer 25-year warranties on our solar panels and 10-year warranties on our inverters. This is what places us amongst the top solar panel companies in the region.


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