Is It Difficult To Maintain The Solar Panels?

by | Feb 9, 2023

 solar panel system

Solar panels definitely reduce your energy bills and also help protect the environment because energy from the sun is a great renewable power source. Having said that, it is also important to always ensure that you maintain your solar panel system with a regular schedule to ensure optimum efficiency. Because they are built for the outdoors and are made to handle a range of weather conditions, solar panels are sturdy and durable. It is not difficult to maintain solar panels if you do it correctly and regularly. For example, you can use soapy water and a sponge to clean the solar panels or rinse them with your garden hose. But it is not advisable to use pressure washers as these could damage your solar panels.


Why Solar Panels Need Regular Maintenance

Solar panels are exposed to extreme weather conditions, which cause damage and deterioration. Debris, bird droppings, dust, pollution, and water/moisture getting into the system can affect the functioning of your solar panel system. This is why experts recommend regular maintenance of your solar panel system.

Cleaning your solar panels: It can be a DIY project, or you can hire an industry expert like Solar Systems Australia Pty Ltd, as dealing with live electricity is always dangerous. It pays to do regular maintenance because you will be able to identify any potential issues in time, saving you time and money. Generally, if you follow the maintenance schedule from your installer or retailer, you should stay on top of things and find out that it is not difficult to maintain the solar panels on your property.

One way to look at it is to think of your solar panel system as a motor vehicle you own. With regular servicing and maintenance, you ensure that your vehicle is road worthy and running smoothly, keeping you and your passengers safe. Ditto for solar panel systems.

Some tips to keep your solar panels clean and efficient

  • If you are using a hose, keep it on a gentle flow so that the panels are not damaged while washing away the dirt, leaves, and other stuff.
  • If you have a rainwater tank or house plants under your solar panel systems, make sure to divert the dirty water away from them.
  • When you finish washing and cleaning the panels, don’t forget to wipe off the excess water with another dry cloth.

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Some obvious advantages of installing solar panels:

  • Clean and cheap energy from the sun
  • Once you install the solar panels, your energy bills will be significantly reduced
  • You don’t have to worry about periodic increases in the energy bill
  • Extra energy can either be stored in a solar battery or sold to the grid

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When it comes to solar energy, there are three main components: solar system batteries, panels and inverters. Our clients can start with panels and inverters before adding solar power batteries later based on their needs and convenience.

Here Are Some Of The Services We Offer:

  • Solar system monitoring
  • Site assessments for system design
  • Entire maintenance, repair, and upgrade if required.
  • Grid-connected solar power solution
  • Battery-connected, off-grid solar power solution.

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