Commercial Packages

Small Business

  • Tier 1 Solar Panel
  • 15kW Each Energy WiFi Inverter

Large Corporate

  • Tier 1 Solar Panel
  • 30kW Each Energy WiFi Inverter

Massive Business

  • Tier 1 Solar Panel
  • 3 X 30kW Each Energy WiFi Inverter

Extensive range of commercial solar systems

Planning for a new business on the outskirts of the city? Looking forward to having a start-up that presents the idea of a socially responsible business? Well, a commercial solar system from the best company is all that you need. Most of the business owners who are also environment enthusiasts are planning to install a solar system for their organisation to meet their demands, day in & day out.

Solar systems technology at Solar System Pty Ltd allows business owners to enjoy the reliability and experience a significant reduction in energy costs. Not just the governmental organisations but also the educational establishments & private companies are now switching over to commercial solar energy systems that allow them to stay green and clean.

Availability of solar system components

If someone plans to install a solar system at his or her organisation, the foremost thing to do is to look for the solar system components that one requires for the complete setup. Any standard commercial solar system has certain components that connect to the system. We, at Solar System Pty Ltd, have all these components available. These components are:
  • Commercial solar panels
  • AC/DC disconnects
  • Wiring
  • Racking
  • Commercial solar batteries
  • Solar inverters
  • Meters

Advantage of these solar systems

There is an increasing demand for solar power plants these days because they are a greener alternative and allow people to experience reduced utility bills with significant savings in the long run. While many companies boast of providing the best solar power plants for commercial installations, our solar systems serve a plethora of benefits that are convincing enough for any business owner to install them. By switching over to commercial solar systems from our company, one has a chance to enjoy benefits like:
  • Renewability 
  • Reduced emission of greenhouse gases or consumption of fossil fuel that reduce global warming
  • High returns on investment
  • Tailored solar solutions that provide significant savings
  • Cost savings on operating costs 
  • Performance warranty for solar panels is 25 years or more that offer clean electricity
  • More reliable and functional than utility electricity 
  • Energy savings with reduced electricity consumption 
  • Maintenance-free solar panels that require minimal or no maintenance
  • Making a difference with an eco-friendly environment at the organisation

Varying sizes

Many people look forward to purchasing a commercial solar system for their organisation from Solar System Pty Ltd because we have systems available in a range of sizes. There are many companies in the market selling solar systems but they either fail to offer all the components of the commercial solar system or they do not have solar systems available in varying sizes. Well, we take pride in ourselves for having solar systems available in a range of sizes.

Why choose us?

The demand for a greener alternative for standard utility electricity is increasing these days whether it is amongst the private sector or the government sector. With a high demand for solar system installation companies, many companies in the market are in neck-to-neck competition with each other to survive the rat race and emerge as the best solar system installation company. Here are a few reasons why one should choose Solar System Pty Ltd for the installation of solar power plants.
  • Quality solar systems that last long 
  • Solar power plants at a price lower than the rest of the companies in the market 
  • Solar systems of varying sizes 
  • A wide range of solar system components 
  • Warranty on each of the solar systems 
  • Best services that assure even the installation of the solar power plant