The Complete Guide To Cleaning Solar Panels

by | Jan 27, 2023

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Installing a solar panel system on your roof would definitely cut down your energy bills while helping Australia produce more green power. That’s why solar panel systems and solar batteries are now extremely popular right across Australia, making the most of the abundant sunshine. Solar Systems Pty Ltd is among the leading suppliers and installers of solar panel systems in Australia, which continues to lead the world in this form of renewable energy.

According to the federal Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, around 30 per cent of our homes had rooftop solar PV by the end of January 2022. That is more than three million rooftops of solar PV installed.

However, having a solar panel system is just the start of your own power supply because it needs regular maintenance and cleaning like your personal vehicle. We will give you some good hints and methods for making sure your solar panel system is working at full capacity so that you are able to enjoy the benefits for many years to come.


Why is it essential to regularly clean your solar panels

Solar panel systems need to keep clean to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from your investment. That’s because, according to research, dirty solar panels can lose efficiency, unnecessarily costing you energy and money. Unclean solar panels may lose up to 20 per cent of their ability to generate electricity to your home.

It is recommended that solar panel systems are cleaned at least every six months, much like your car servicing timetable. However, if you live close to factories or the highways where pollution, grime and dust are more, your panels may need to be cleaned more often.

Why switching off your solar panel system is essential before you start cleaning

The first and most crucial step is to make sure you shut off your solar panel system completely by following the instructions from your manufacturer’s manual. Remember you are dealing with live electricity, so you have to be extra careful when cleaning the panels and system. Avoid using pressure washers on your solar panels because while it may be easier and faster, it could damage them.

Since most solar panels are on your rooftop, make sure your ladder is secure before you climb up. If you have any fears or worries about climbing roofs, it is best to hire a professional firm like Solar Systems Pty Ltd because we will provide a hassle-free service and ensure your solar panel systems are as good as new when we are finished.

DIY solar panel cleaning

Usually, rain can wash away residual dirt, leaves, and dust off your solar panels. But you will need a mild detergent to get rid of more stubborn stains like bird droppings. Some experts recommend using soapy water and a soft cloth or a non-abrasive sponge on the stubborn stains and any marks.

  • If you are using a hose, keep it on a gentle flow so that the panels are not damaged while washing away the dirt, leaves, and other stuff.
  • If you have a rainwater tank or house plants under your solar panel systems, make sure to divert the dirty water away from them.
  • When you finish washing and cleaning the panels, don’t forget to wipe off the excess water with another dry cloth.

Solar System is the #1 choice when it comes to solar energy solutions

We are an Australian-owned and operated company offering the highest quality products and services. We offer an all-in-one design that offers our clients great reliability. Our mission is to help Australian homeowners realise the benefits of solar. When you install Solar System’s off-grid solar batteries, you will definitely save money.

When it comes to solar energy, there are three main components: solar system batteries, panels and inverters. Our clients can start with panels and inverters before adding solar power batteries later based on their needs and convenience.

Here Are Some Of The Services We Offer:

  • Solar system monitoring
  • Site assessments for system design
  • Entire maintenance, repair and upgrade if required.
  • Grid-connected solar power solution
  • Battery-connected, off-grid solar power solution.

If you need more information, please call our friendly team on 1800 975 270. We supply free quotes. Our after-sales support is impressive and you are also covered by our warranties.

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