Does Your Solar System Need Maintenance?

by | Feb 9, 2023

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Deciding on solar panels to supplement your power and doing your bit for the environment is always a great idea. That also entails proper research and financial outlay to ensure you get the maximum bang for your hard-earned bucks. According to the latest Roy Morgan research released in October 2022, more than 3.2 million Australian households (32.3 percent of the country) will own solar panel systems by June 2022. This is a huge jump from 1.32 million (14 percent) in June 2018. Solar Systems Pty Ltd has supplied and installed thousands of these solar panel systems across the country and is highly regarded in the industry.


We Offer Professional Solar System Maintenance Services

There are also other aspects to having solar panel systems on your rooftops, one of the most important being proper maintenance. This is in addition to the regular cleaning of your rooftop solar panels, which can accumulate dust, dirt, vermin, and moisture/water seepage. Solar panels could also be damaged by wind, hail or even sunlight.

Maintenance is usually done by a licensed electrician, or an accredited solar panel system installer like Solar Systems Pty Ltd. Remember you are dealing with live electricity, and even if you switch off the solar panel system before you start your maintenance, it does not mean the electrical components are inactive.

The Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator recommends routine maintenance on a regular basis so that the solar panel system works at optimum capacity, saving you money in the long run. Importantly, regular maintenance of your solar panel system will make it safe for everyone in the home and even the electricians working on the distribution network.

It is important that you follow the solar panel system maintenance schedule supplied by your installer or installer. Also, keep all your installation paperwork and guarantees to replace anything which is faulty within the guarantee period.

Here are some of the things to check when doing your maintenance:

  • Checking that access to the isolator switches has not been impeded
  • Making sure the emergency procedures for shutdown and isolation are clearly displayed
  • Solar panels are clean, secure and free of defects
  • No parts have deteriorated/corroded
  • Vents are free of debris
  • Switches do not have any defects
  • The wiring has not been damaged/has not deteriorated
  • Electrical checks to ensure all components are operating as intended
  • Confirming fittings and cables are securely attached
  • Reviewing the inverter display panel for recorded faults
  • Solar Systems Pty Ltd is the #1 choice when it comes to solar energy solutions, maintenance

Solar Systems Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned and operated company offering the highest quality products and services, including regular maintenance of solar panel systems. We offer an all-in-one design that offers our clients great reliability. Our mission is to help Australian homeowners realise the benefits of solar energy. When you install Solar Systems Pty Ltd’s off-grid solar batteries, you will definitely save money.

When it comes to solar energy, there are three main components: solar system batteries, panels and inverters. Our clients can start with panels and inverters before adding solar power batteries later based on their needs and convenience.

Here Are Some Of The Services We Offer:

  • Solar system monitoring
  • Site assessments for system design
  • Entire maintenance, repair, and upgrade if required.
  • Grid-connected solar power solution
  • Battery-connected, off-grid solar power solution.

If you need more information on our maintenance packages or anything else connected to solar panel systems, please call our friendly team on 1800 975 270. We supply free quotes. Our after-sales support is impressive and you are also covered by our warranties.

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