Latest Trends for Residential Solar Panel Systems for House

by | Jan 14, 2022

residential solar panels

Solar panel systems are leading the way when it comes to wide-scale changes into cleaner power. It’s no surprise, especially with a clean energy target in mind, that many Australians are looking for ways to switch to even cleaner and more sustainable methods.

Part of that is being extra picky with the kinds of solar systems they choose to install. Others are looking for ways they might upgrade or optimise their existing solar system.

Below are some of the latest trends that our solar experts believe are defining and changing the industry today. . . just in case you’re someone looking into making smarter changes too.

    1. Installing a Solar Battery Storage System

Number one on the list is solar battery storage. There’s been such a huge demand for solar battery storage systems amongst Australians amidst recent changes. Energy retailers in some locations have been reducing their feed-in tariffs in certain suburbs, where there’s congestion in the power lines. The Australian Government has also passed their approval on a ‘Solar Tax’ on solar system homeowners to export their electricity onto the grid.

Taking that in mind, exporting power on the grid is becoming less attractive for many. Which is why there’s been such an interest this year in installing solar batteries. Battery storage systems allow you to store up any excess power generated by your system and use it at a later time. This means you can put all the electricity you generate to use.

In New South Wales, the State Government is also providing interest free loans for solar batteries or new solar systems with solar batteries to eligible low-income households. This may really help if you’ve been interested in making the switch.

    1. Half Cut Solar Panels

Another trend we’re seeing now in the solar industry is the rise in popularity of the half-cut panels or half cell technology. We know what you’re thinking, sounds technical. What are we talking about? Half cut technology in solar panels means the PV cells are cut in half. Because each cell is cut in half, there’s less resistance in the circuit so the electrical current (and thus efficiency) will greatly increase.

There are also other benefits to this. As these solar panels are also created with a two series circuit instead of the traditional single series, they maintain better efficiency even in the presence of shade. This is enormous as even a little bit of shade can greatly drive down the efficiency of traditionally circuited solar panels.

    1. Electric Car Chargers

Another growing trend in Australia is the popularity of EV and hybrid plug-in vehicles, which means more electric car chargers. As the Australian Government has committed to installing more electric car charging stations nationwide to encourage more sales of electric vehicles, there’s been a lot of interest as of late into residential solar systems with electric car chargers. This is because, when it comes to the largest polluters in Australia, transport makes up a sizable portion.

With the rise in popularity of electric vehicles and electric car charging stations, there’s the potential for even more reductions in how we use carbon or fossil fuels as a nation. Additionally, it’s also just a great way to save on the money you would normally spend on petrol.

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