What Do You Need To Know To Pick The Best Solar Panels?

by | Feb 16, 2023

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If you are looking for ways to reduce your energy bill, you will first start switching off appliances that are not needed or reducing your consumption of the air conditioner or heater during the summer or winter months, respectively. Next, like millions of Australians, you will think of installing solar panels to tap the unlimited, free solar energy, which will invariably bring down your energy bills while also helping the environment. However, there are many things to understand before you contact a local solar panel supplier and installer to get your cheap supply of energy up and running.

You need to do your own research to find out how to pick the best solar panels in the market because there is a bewildering range of options and providers in Sydney and across Australia. You can always call Solar Systems Pty Ltd for advice and guidance, as we are among the leading solar panel installers in Australia.


Some Steps In Choosing The Best Solar Panels

  • Work out how much energy your household is currently using and the solar panel system you need or can afford
  • Try and gauge how long it will take you to cover the cost of the solar panels.
  • You have to make sure your roof is facing the right direction, or else your solar panel system won’t work at optimum capacity. Experts note that only north-facing panels will provide the best results, and your professional installer will know the best positions.
  • Check with your local council if approval is needed, and gain any guidance if it’s available from them.
  • Asking for as many quotes as possible from solar panel suppliers is a must to ensure you are getting the best deals and after-sales service.
  • Make sure your installer is accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC)
  • Once you have chosen your supplier and installer, check if the solar panels are made to government-approved standards
  • Warranties should be checked before installation saving you from any nasty surprises down the line if something goes wrong

What is solar energy?

Solar panels take the protons from the sun’s rays before turning them into direct current (DC). This has to be converted into alternating current (AC) so that your household appliances can be powered. This is done with the use of an inverter. These are all important things to remember when you are planning to install solar panels in your home.

The extra energy from your solar panels needs to be stored and used at night when power is needed more. A rechargeable solar battery can be installed so that you are able to use this to power some of your appliances with the balance of power coming from the grid. Even if you have solar panels, you need to be connected to the grid because invariably, most households use more energy at night rather than during the day.

Some obvious advantages of installing solar panels:

  • Clean and cheap energy from the sun
  • Once you install the solar panels, your energy bills will be significantly reduced
  • You don’t have to worry about periodic increases in the energy bill
  • Extra energy can either be stored in a solar battery or sold to the grid

If you need more information on our maintenance packages or anything else connected to solar panel systems, please call our friendly team on 1800 975 270. We supply free quotes. Our after-sales support is impressive and you are also covered by our warranties.

Solar System is your best friend when it comes to solar energy

We are an Australian-owned and operated company offering the highest quality products and services. We offer an all-in-one design that offers our clients great reliability. Our mission is to help Australian homeowners realise the benefits of solar. When you install Solar System’s off-grid solar batteries, you will definitely save money.

When it comes to solar energy, there are three main components: solar system batteries, panels and inverters. Our clients can start with panels and inverters before adding solar power batteries later based on their needs and convenience.

Here Are Some Of The Services We Offer:

  • Solar system monitoring
  • Site assessments for system design
  • Entire maintenance, repair, and upgrade if required.
  • Grid-connected solar power solution
  • Battery-connected, off-grid solar power solution.

If you need any advice regarding solar panels or solar power batteries, please call our friendly team on 1800 975 270. We supply free quotes. Our after-sales support is very impressive, and you are also covered by our rock-solid warranties.

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