How To Pick Solar Battery Storage Packages?

by | Aug 28, 2022

Solar and battery packages
Looking for a solar system but don’t know where to begin? With an array of solar panels, solar batteries, and solar inverters on the market, it can be hard to determine the best appliances for your home.

Wouldn’t it be easier if it was all bundled together?

What are solar and battery packages?

The good news for those who don’t like sifting through individual technical specs is that solar and battery packages are available from a variety of installers and energy providers. These packages include everything you need for a comprehensive solar setup. As a quick refresher:

  • Solar panel: generally using PV (photovoltaic) cells, solar panels collect energy from the sun for residential or commercial use.
  • Solar inverter: converts direct current (DC) electricity collected by the panels to alternating current (AC) which can be used by household appliances.
  • Solar battery: a connected solar battery can store unused solar power for later use, whether at night or on low-light days.
  • Benefits of solar and battery package

    One of the biggest advantages of combined packages are having everything conveniently bundled together. Reputable providers ensure all components work together optimally for a streamlined solar experience.

    Along with the complementary components, the solar panels and battery cost is combined into a single price. This bundled price can simplify management and repayments.


    Making the switch to renewables, especially through a bundle, can help lower the cost of future energy bills but does require a significant initial investment.

    Keep in mind that while solar panels have become more affordable over time, solar batteries are only now beginning to gain that same traction. As a result, solar storage can increase the total premium you may be paying.

    It’s important to choose a package that is affordable, both initially and over longer-period payment plans. The good news is that, depending on location, there are financing options, rebates, and monthly repayments to help offset the solar panel battery cost.

    How much power do you need?

    While a higher capacity system will generally have a higher price, it’s important to strike that balance between affordability and power output. This equilibrium can be even more important with solar bundles, as they cannot be customised.

    The key measure of how much power your system can generate is determined by the total wattage of your solar panels. Most packages offered by providers feature approximately 6kW worth of solar panels, ideal for the majority of households.

    If you believe you need or would benefit from higher solar panel capacity, reach out to a reputable installer for more information or a free assessment. At Solar System, our experienced professionals can help determine the best solar setup for your household.

    Branded solar components

    LONGi, Solis, Fronius, TESLA, and more; with so many solar brands available, how do you know which packages will offer the best performance? Through the CEC, of course!

    The Clean Energy Council works with leading businesses in the Australian renewable sector, providing membership to qualifying brands and manufacturers. Membership and accreditation can be checked through the CEC website, providing peace of mind that brands are dedicated to premium solar solutions.

    Looking for accreditations and membership can be important in determining the quality of each packaged solar component or the company itself.

    Solar System is a CEC Approved Solar Retailer, with all installers being Clean Energy Council accredited. We are an installer you can trust to not only provide the best advice on solar and battery packages but deliver high-quality installation and service.

    For more information on solar and battery packages or to book a free assessment, contact Solar System today!

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