Solar Battery Packages

Solar and Battery Packages

Solar Panel Battery Packages at the Best Price to Suit your Needs

The battery is perhaps the best invention when it comes to storing energy for a long time. It provides a power assurance in times of need and ascertains that you continue with your day-to-day activities without any hindrances.

Solar System Pty Ltd has built a great reputation as one of the best renewable energy providers in Sydney, as we always provide customers with the solar solutions that best suit them. After harnessing solar rays, it is also essential to store them effectively and efficiently. This is where the best solar and battery packages come in. With a battery, you are able to store any excess power for future use.

Solar Battery Storage Solution for all Panels

Whether you are installing solar panels for the first time or already have a system installed, a solar panel battery is a must-have product. However, the capacity of the battery largely depends on the output rating of your solar panels. At times, the rated solar energy output for the panel is so small that the battery cannot be filled. Therefore, before purchasing a solar system battery, get in touch with the experts for the best recommendation. After a thorough assessment, the solar experts at Solar System Pty Ltd will suggest the best-fit system for each customer.

At Solar System Pty Ltd, we recommend investing in a larger capacity battery. It helps save the cost of investment, considering that the equipment and accessory cost are always going to rise in the future. This one-time investment would provide a perfect inverter solution.

Our Products

  • Small Home

    LONGi Solar Panels 5kw Solis inverter
  • Medium Home

    LONGi Solar Panels 6kw Solis inverter-single phase
  • Big Home

    LONGi Solar Panels 8kw Solis inverter - single phase
  • Family Home

    LONGi Solar Panels 2x5kw Solis inverter - single phase Or 10kw Solis inverter - three phase
  • Small Business

    LONGi Solar Panels 10kw Solis inverter
  • Large Corporate

    LONGi Solar Panels 20kw Solis inverter
  • Massive Business

    LONGi Solar Panels 30kw Solis inverter



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Book Appointment

Book your free solar assessment with one of our trained assessors. Using 3D aerial imagery technology, we will assess the layout of your home and determine your eligibility for solar power.


Cooling-Off Period

Our solar assessment is obligation-free. Therefore, we offer a 10-day cooling off period.


After-Care & Warranty

Our high quality products are all backed by very generous warranty periods.


Free Solar Assessment

One of our professional assessors will help you pick a system tailored to best fit your home and go through all payment options with you.



Our team will take care of the entire installation process. With a quick turnaround time, you will be saving on your electricity bills in no time.


Book Appointment

Book you free solar assessment with one of our trained assessors. Using 3D areial imagery technology, we will assess the layout of your home and determine your eligibility for solar power. One of our appointment setter will assist you in booking an appointment time that best suits you.


Free Solar Assessment

One of our professional asessors will call you or come to you for an no obligation free solar assessment. They wil help you pick a system tailored to best fit your home and go through all payment options with you.


Cooling-off Period

Our solar assessment are obligation free. There fore, we offer a 10-day cooling off period.



Our team will take crae of the entire installation process while staying in touch with you along the way. With a quick turn around time, you will be saving on you relectricity bills in no time.


After-Care & Warranty

Our high-quality solar panels are backed by a very generous product and performance warranty of 25 years, along with a 15 years warranty on workmanship. As well as this, we offer a 10 year extendable warranty on all Solar Inverters.


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Residential & Commercial
Solar System Installation

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Electric Car Charger

Investing in the Right Solar Panels and Battery is a Must

Having worked with several homeowners, we have observed that people refrain from conducting a thorough and correct energy demand assessment. As a result of this, they either fall short of meeting their energy demand with solar power or spend big money on the wrong system size. This is the main reason why experts recommend seeking guidance and suggestion before buying solar panels and batteries. It should address your solar power requirements at the best price possible.

However, some companies offer a customised solution to this. Based on the assessed requirements, solar and battery packages can be customised. We offer customers premium level components based on their needs.

Get in Touch with us to Know More

A solar package will include all the accessories and components of a solar system that will work best for your needs. Everything, from the solar panels to the solar panel battery, will be included in the system package as per the customer’s request. Get in touch with our solar experts who will provide you with a detailed explanation of solar and a personalised solar solution.

Solar Battery is a Must to Complete the Package

If you already have a solar system and wish to add a battery to it, you need to make sure it meets the specifications and the system's configuration poses no obstacle. We can help you with this. This happens when the systems do not work as a package. Solar panels and battery complement each other and therefore, the correct products must be installed.

No one can deny the importance of a solar panel battery. By storing the energy that is generated throughout the entire day, the battery is able to deliver a clean, green, and sustainable energy solution at night.

Get in touch with us for more information on investing in a solar system battery. We are always available to help customers in the most helpful and professional way possible. Our solar experts will help you choose the right solution for all your energy needs. Call 18 00 975 270 for sales related queries.


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