How Much Does A Solar Battery Installation Cost?

by | Sep 30, 2022

solar battery installation
Able to store unused energy collected by solar panels, a solar battery seems like an obvious next step in cutting down electricity costs. While the benefits of solar battery setup are undeniable, the costs associated with the installation may give homeowners pause.

To help shed some light on solar storage solutions, let’s take a look at how much solar battery installations really cost.

The batteries themselves

It may come as no surprise that the physical battery storage units are a significant driver of high battery prices. Currently, it’s generally estimated that for every 1kWh of solar storage, you’ll need to pay $1100. So for a 5kW solar battery, you’ll need an outlay of at least $5500. This estimate usually doesn’t include installation costs and applicable tax.

This benchmark can be an effective way to measure potential battery spending compared to your total electricity usage.

Features of solar batteries

What can a particular battery do that others can’t?

Along with brand and model quality, additional features can make particular solar storage stand out, and drive up the cost of solar battery installation. Extra features can include

  • Ability to schedule times when the solar battery is to provide power.
  • Wifi monitoring and remote control.
  • Backup power in the event of power failure or blackouts.
  • Easily expandable storage.
  • Is your solar inverter battery-ready?

    The inverter is the core of any solar system, converting collected solar energy into usable electricity. However, a battery requires its own type of inverter to prepare the energy for storage or for use. These come in two forms: dedicated battery inverters and hybrid inverters.

    A hybrid inverter for your new solar system can be ideal if you intend to get solar storage in the future, while a battery inverter can be a good way to prepare your existing system. It is important to check with the solar companies if the battery quoted includes the price of the battery inverter if you have an existing solar system.

    Reducing the cost with a Virtual Power Plant

    Some Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) offer subsidised solar battery setup or purchase costs when you join their network. Join one of the VPP programs means your solar system and battery storage system are included in a connected network. In periods of high energy demand from the grid, the grid will be allowed to draw energy from your solar system and battery. Depending on the VPP programs you joined, you will receive a credit monthly, or a rebate on your initial battery investment.

    While Virtual Power Plants can access your energy storage, a core percentage will be set aside for the exclusive use of your home or business. This ensures you can still reduce the costs of your electricity bills.

    Reliable installers

    You can’t put a price on high-quality solar installation. The cost of a reputable CEC-approved installer, such as Solar System, covers the experience, training, attention to detail, and aftercare. Solar System will ensure your batteries and panels are installed exactly to manufacturer specifications so you get the most out of your solar storage for years to come.

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