Advantages of Solar Setups with Battery Storage

by | Oct 8, 2021

solar panel battery system
A solar setup that provides clean renewable power and helps you save on your energy bills is already a great investment. Owning a solar setup with the added feature of battery storage makes it even better. Solar battery storage allows solar system owners a great deal of benefits to really make the most out of the power their panels produce.

Here are some of the advantages that battery storage systems bring:

More Convenience

When you invest in solar panels, it is unlikely that you will use up all the power you generate. Solar battery storage allows home and/or business owners to store up the excess power, to have better self-use. For large energy users, installing solar batteries can mean more saving by relying on your own generated electricity. For everyone else, it also just means that you can have more convenience when it comes to using the power your solar panels generate.

More Independence

Most rural home and business owners far from the grid will find that a solar battery installation is massively beneficial. A solar setup and batteries provide a complete solution for powering an entire property, even if the mains are impossible or too expensive to connect to. However, it’s not only rural properties that can benefit from more energy independence. If you live somewhere that experiences frequent power outages, then a solar setup with battery storage may just be the most efficient solution for giving you a reliable source of power.

Some people will also choose to opt for solar battery storage just to distant themselves from the massively dominating fossil fuel industry when it comes to power. Which brings us onto our next point.

More Clean Energy

Using more of your own solar generated electricity, rather than relying on energy companies, means that you are able to directly influence your households carbon impact in a meaningful way. Efforts are being made around the world to reduce carbon emissions and thereby decrease the speed of global warming. The impact of this is astronomical: allowing for cleaner air for our children in the future, causing less environmental disruption and maintaining a sustainable moderate temperature for the earth.

By installing battery storage along with your solar setup, you can significantly cut down your own household’s emissions.

Less Extra Charges for Peak Hours

Peak time energy usage is always a pain, with all those unexpected costs you see on your energy bill. Sometimes, you can’t really do anything else but rely on your electricity at this time. You may need a lot of lighting when people are over, TV to occupy the kids, or if you are running a business; the computers, lighting and air-conditioning to keep your workers working. With solar battery storage in place for your solar setup, you can rely on your own energy instead. Even when the sun has long gone down.

You may also choose to use this as an extra opportunity to produce some extra revenue for your business, to increase the profit numbers you generate or to fund the amenities that make your business great!

A Quiet Backup System

Unlike gas, diesel or propane fuelled generators, you won’t have the disturbance of a loud back up energy system that you need to use when the power goes down. Making it great to continue with life as usual in the case there is any problem with the mains. Saving you from frustration, disruption and losing your peace. On top of the sound, generators also put back a lot of pollution into the air. Which of course, is another thing you don’t have to worry about when owning a solar battery.

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