Enhance Your Solar Power System with Battery Storage

by | Jul 27, 2021

Hesitant about switching to solar? Say you work all day and don’t come home again until dark or maybe you’re passionate about switching your household over to clean energy or want more savings out of what your solar system already provides. 

In that case, a solar battery is just the solution to reap all the benefits of solar energy. 

Let us explain why:

What Does a Solar Battery Do?

  • Store excess power generated by solar panels
  • Increase savings on your energy bills or potentially wipe out your energy bill all together
  • Less dependence on back up energy from the grid

Solar batteries are an efficient method of storage for solar systems. Solar panels, like the name suggests, draws power from sunlight and converts into electricity which will be available for as long as the sun is up. But with no storage, you’ll be back to relying mostly on fossil fuels to power your home when the sun’s gone down. 

Another disadvantage for your wallet is, whilst you are sending unused electricity back to your energy provider for some extra credit on your bill, they’ll later sell you back the same electricity for a higher rate.

This is why installing a solar battery is a great investment to enhance the benefits of your solar system. 

Let’s Compare: Different Solar Systems

On Solar & On The Grid 

Most solar systems are installed without a battery and remain on the grid. Letting users use solar energy first during the day, and then energy from the grid during the night.

On Solar With Battery & Off The Grid

These properties or households are connected to power completely through solar power or other renewable sources. At the moment, it is not very efficient to stay completely off the grid. If you use all the energy your solar system has generated or don’t have a large enough solar system you may not have enough energy to store into your battery for night time usage. Properties that are connected to solar and that are off the grid tend to be in more rural locations where connecting to the grid just isn’t possible.

On Solar With Battery & On The Grid 

These properties have a solar system, a battery and are connected to the grid. Homeowners with this kind of setup can use electricity from the solar system during the day and then the excess solar energy stored in the battery when sunlight is low, at night or in times of heavy use. 

Our CEC Accredited Solar Installers

We are a CEC approved solar retailer, which means as a company we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our professional team of solar installers, electricians and analysts have over 12 years of collective experience in the industry. We’re always updating ourselves with the latest technology, techniques and services in the industry to offer you the best advice for your solar system.

The Solar Batteries We Use

Alpha ESS Smile 5 Battery offers these features:

  • Can be installed indoors and outdoors
  • High energy density
  • Quick installation
  • Elegant designs
  • Self-sufficient modular battery
  • Monitor and track solar battery use through the Alpha cloud

Maintaining Your Solar Batteries

Our installers will assist you with all the information and documents you need to properly maintain your solar batteries. Charge controllers or regulators on solar panels will keep your solar battery from overcharging. 

If you live somewhere that gets really cold in winter, we also recommend installing your solar battery indoors or installing insulation around your battery to prevent it from freezing. 

Interest-Free Loans: Empowering Homes Solar Battery Loans

It’s also a great time to reap the benefits of a solar battery with available interest-free loans.

So find out if your household is eligible for an interest-free loan from the NSW Government. 

Interest-free loans of up to $9000 are available for adding a battery to an existing solar system. There are also interest-free loans of up to $14,000 offered to install a new solar and battery system. This is available for certain postcodes, household incomes, connection to the grid as well as some other criteria. 

For more information about how you may benefit from a solar battery for your system, please get in touch. You can call us on 1800 975 270 or email us at [email protected] for a conversation with one of our professional solar installers.

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