Charging Electric Cars In Sydney Using Solar Batteries

by | Sep 9, 2022

Solar powered electric car charger
Electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly becoming the future of vehicular transport, providing a significantly-decreased carbon footprint compared to their petrol-powered counterparts. Bringing solar power into the equation only serves to make EVs more efficient and sustainable.

Public Electric Car Battery Charger

Public charging stations, also known as Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), are outlets designed to charge your EV away from home. Each EVSE connects to your car and delivers electricity from an energy source to your car’s battery.

Throughout Sydney, there are a variety of different networks and providers operating their own public charge stations. While these charging stations all provide electricity, some utilise energy from the grid while others use renewable sources.


The NRMA has installed more than 50 fast-charging stations across NSW roads as part of their expanding EV network. NRMA chargers are powered by 100% renewable energy purchased from GreenPower.

GreenPower is a program managed by the Australian government to provide renewable energy for homes and businesses. GreenPower generates electricity from solar, wind, mini-hydro generators, and bioenergy sources. While NRMA fast-charging stations may not be considered solely solar-powered electric car chargers, GreenPower ensures your EV is powered by renewables.


Chargefox is Australia’s largest EV charging network, powered completely by renewable energy. Committed to providing sustainable and affordable charging around the country, Chargefox uses renewable sources and batteries to keep your EV topped up and on the road. The Chargefox network allows travel between Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Melbourne. For an efficient electric car battery charger, the Chargefox network is a fast, simple, and reliable option.

Residential Solar Electric Car Charger

While public chargers are ideal for long-distance journeys or quick top-ups, most electric vehicle charging would most likely be undertaken at home. You could charge your EV using the grid or by leveraging a new or existing solar system and solar battery.

If you tend to use your car during the day, you cannot properly utilise the energy captured by your solar panels. That’s where a solar battery comes in handy. Energy collected by your panels is saved for later use, effectively providing you with a solar-powered electric car charger. Solar panels and solar batteries can be combined with an electric car charger for faster, sustainable charging.

If you are considering a solar battery to power your home and charge your EV, keep the extra energy required firmly in mind. You may need a larger battery or solar system to completely fulfil your electricity needs.

The highly-trained assessors at Solar System can discuss your options and help you pick a system, package, or solar electric car charger tailored to you.

Benefits for the future

Solar batteries can require a significant initial investment, especially when combined with the other components of a solar system. However, aside from taking a step towards a more sustainable Australia, complete solar setups can offset future vehicular costs.

Charging an electric car in Sydney using solar batteries is generally cheaper than petrol or diesel. And with an endless supply of sunlight in the sky and a growing network of public chargers, it’s becoming easier than ever to keep your electric vehicle on the road.

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