Solar Panels and Electric Cars: Can I Use Solar as an EV Charger?

by | Dec 10, 2021

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Smart technology is becoming even smarter. A big driver for innovations across so many industries comes from the growing global push to lower our environmental impact. Which is why many people are asking to work out the extent of what solar panels can do. Such as can they charge electric vehicles?

Well, the answer in this case – is Yes!

Solar panels generate electricity during the day, which then gets fed into your electrical network inside your home. This means when you plug into your home’s power supply, you can also draw from this network. Provided you plug in during the day.

Installing an electric car charger in your home will also allow you to pull from this network even more effectively. Letting you quickly charge up your vehicle and give your car battery power faster, to worry less about getting where you need to go.

The process of getting set up is simple:

  1. Request a free solar assessment and find out in numbers how a solar system can reduce your electricity & fuel bills
  2. Select a recommended solar package based on your home electricity bills and driving habits
  3. Your solar installers will work with your energy provider to address any paperwork
  4. A full solar system is then ready to be set up for your rooftop: solar panels, inverters, wiring (battery is optional)
  5. On your request an EV car charger is also installed
  6. Then simply plug in your car and charge whenever you need it!

Who benefits the most from solar charging?
As your solar panels will make electricity more when the sun is at a higher angle in the sky, you may benefit more when you are working on off hours. If you aren’t working 9 to 5, but night shifts or later in the day then you will probably be able to charge your car through solar power the most efficiently.

Simply plug in your car while the sun is up and hit the hay.

It’ll be ready for you again when you need to leave it the evening, or at night.

Use solar as an EV charger, anytime of the day

If you want more flexibility in charging your car from your solar feed, you may want to think about a solar battery.

Battery storage is a great solution for those that are often away from their homes.

With a solar battery installed, you can plug your EV car into your home’s feed anytime of the day and draw on from the electricity your solar panels have generated. Instead of drawing from the grid.

Do I really need to install an Electric EV Car Charger?

While an electric car charger isn’t necessary to charge your car, either from your solar panels or the electricity mains, most EV car owners invest in one – and for good reason.

An EV car charger charges your car’s battery faster and more efficiently. Giving you less time waiting for your car battery to become ready for take-off. For the best experience of your car, it’s something that we really recommend doing also.

Our installers at Solar System Australia provides these systems at competitive rates, to make your life easier without really hurting your pocket.

Interested to finding out more?

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