Benefits Of Working With Residential Solar Companies

by | Oct 7, 2022

Residential solar panels

Residential solar panels are a significant investment, both in terms of initial financial costs and the stability of your future energy supply. Just like high-quality solar products, choosing a reputable installer will ensure a reliable renewable supply for years to come. There are countless benefits to working with a dependable solar installer.

Such as years of industry experience and a well-earned reputation.

Solar System is one of the leading solar providers in Sydney, having performed both residential and commercial installations for over 12 years.

CEC approved

The Clean Energy Council is the peak body for the Australian clean energy industry, with members composed of leading businesses in the renewable sector.

Solar System is a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer, consistently demonstrating a commitment to responsible sales, marketing, and solar industry best practice. The installers at Solar System are CEC accredited, providing access to cost-saving government rebates such as STC certificates. The installers will also be kept updated about any upcoming changes to solar standards or guidelines.

In-house industry professionals

One of the keys to premium solar installation is a reliable team of trained installers. Residential solar companies understand this, building teams committed to delivering superior solar solutions.

As a long-standing Australian-owned and operated company, Solar System completes all assessments and installations using a team of qualified professionals. With six in-house electricians and six trucks, Solar System ensures that the installation of your home solar panel system meets the highest standards of quality.

Sourcing high-quality products

An exceptional installation goes hand-in-hand with premium products. Without one, the other will not perform as effectively. All solar panels, inverters, and batteries used by Solar System are sourced directly from the manufacturers. As a result, Solar System can offer affordable and competitive prices for your residential solar panels.

We work with top brands to install solar systems for your home. These include:

  • LONGi
  • JA Solar
  • Q Cells
  • Jinko Solar
  • Each Energy
  • Sungrow Power
  • Fronius
  • SMA
  • Meeting manufacturer specifications

    Each manufacturer of solar products provides specific instructions and requirements for how each of their components is meant to be installed. Installers must follow these instructions in order to provide customers with the best solar performance and keep the warranty intact.

    If an installer cuts any corners during installation, it can lead to subpar operation, damage to your solar setup, or the voiding of a warranty. This is why it’s essential to choose a residential solar company with a reputation for thoroughness and transparency.

    It’s essential to choose a company like Solar System.

    Flexible payment options

    Solar systems, particularly panels and inverters, have become more affordable and more efficient with each passing year. However, the total cost will generally require a significant investment.

    Rather than requiring large payment upfront, many residential solar companies offer payment plans or affordable packages. The packages can be complete bundles such as a 6.6kW solar system with a battery, or paired panels and inverters.

    Whether you want a custom setup or bundled package, Solar System offers flexible payment options with no upfront costs. It makes solar systems affordable and you can start saving right away once the solar system starts generating power for you.

    Solar solutions Sydney-wide

    With free no-obligation assessments, efficient installation, and comprehensive aftercare, Solar System is committed to providing superior renewable energy solutions for every homeowner.

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