Why Spring Is The Best Time To Install Solar Panels

by | May 6, 2022

Solar energy companiesWhile there is never a bad time to switch to solar, installing in spring can help you start off on the right foot. We’ve provided the top reasons why spring is the best time to make the change.

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Spring into solar

When it comes to solar yield, spring is the second-best season for power generation. Longer sunny days provide an abundance of solar energy while temperatures are warmer but not yet as hot as in summer. You may even wish to consider a solar battery to begin storing energy for use when you need it most.

Depending on your energy provider, you may be able to take advantage of solar feed-in tariffs. A feed-in tariff is a credit provided for any unused electricity generated by your system that is sent to the grid. Spring can be the best time to take advantage of any feed-in tariffs. You may have more spare electricity when not fending off hot summer temperatures with an air con.

Maximising summer savings

Most rooftop panels in Australia are photovoltaic, generating electricity from light not heat. As the days begin to lengthen throughout spring, reaching a peak in summer, solar panels can provide savings from the get-go.

This is especially true when considering air conditioning or fan use throughout the summer season which can drive up electricity costs. You may also benefit from better solar deals and faster installation from your preferred solar energy company.

Reduced wait times

As the temperature increases and the days get longer, many Australians begin to consider installing solar systems. Solar energy companies have to meet guidelines, compliance standards, and ensure you’re informed about all your different solar options. On top of this, you may wish to get your home assessed by a range of solar companies in Sydney.

Due to the length of the process, trying to switch to solar in summer may result in a significantly longer wait before installation.

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Also known as small-scale technology certificates, STCs are a form of solar credit provided by the Australian government. Under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, the cost of your solar system may be reduced. However, the number of STCs provided for residential systems decreases every year on January 1st. This basically means the rebate on the purchase gets lower with every calendar year you put off installation.

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Invest your tax return

Solar panels are more affordable than ever, especially with numerous finance options to choose from. However they can still be a significant investment. With tax time landing just before the beginning of spring, you may wish to consider using your tax return against the initial cost.

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