Why opt for a Hybrid Solar System?

by | Dec 24, 2021

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Hybrid solar systems are the most solar efficient systems that are currently available on the market.

With a growing eco-consciousness across Australia and the world, more people are considering upgrading from an on-grid system to a hybrid system. For great reason too. A hybrid solar system will allow home or business owners to extend their use of their own generated electricity later into the evening or night; long after the sun has stopped shining.

Different from off-grid solar systems, hybrid solar systems stay connected to the grid. They run through using solar energy from your solar panels primarily as the source of power, then battery storage, before falling back on power on the grid for when your solar battery runs dry.

Hybrid solar still often isn’t the most affordable option available as solar systems go, as solar batteries remain highly priced. However, there’s still some good reasons why they are still seen around the market.

In some cases, for instance, a hybrid solar system may be the most fool-proof option.

Here we’ll take you through what reasons today people have for investing in a hybrid solar system, to see if you may be a good candidate for one to save.

You are Environmentally Conscious

If you are wanting to do more to lower your household’s carbon impact, then a hybrid solar system may just be the investment for you. Whether you have yet to have a solar system or are retrofitting a battery into an existing on-grid system to turn it into a hybrid, switching to a completely efficient hybrid system is possible.

By switching over to a system that priorities your solar panels and solar battery, you can virtually remove any reliance on your local energy provider. Only pulling from the mains when your solar panels and battery are dry.

You Want to Fuel Your Electric or Hybrid Car
Owners of EV or hybrid cars are often the first of their peers trying to take the steps into more environmentally conscious travel. Did you know however, that the large amount of electricity needed to run a car in some places makes electric cars less eco-friendly than conventional vehicles?

For this reason, most electric car owners will also invest in a solar system to power their vehicles and off-set their electricity consumption with what they send on the grid. Hybrid solar systems may also make a great option in this case. With the storage of a hybrid system, you can pull from your generated power later in the day and become more self-reliant.

With hybrid solar systems especially, the more you self-consume, the greater you can save. Which is why hybrid systems present a great investment option to those who own an EV vehicle.

Have a Back Up in the Case of a Power Outage

Living in a location with frequent power outages isn’t just frustrating, but it can really hamper on your day. Stopping you from using your favourite appliances or hindering you from getting more work done on projects at home.

During a blackout, your battery supplies a reliable stream of power. In the case of a blackout, you won’t be able to rely on your solar panels to provide electricity. Why not? As a safety measure, your system switches this connection off to protect electrical workers and grid infrastructure. However, with a hybrid solar system, your household will continue to have electricity in the neighbourhood, even when everyone else doesn’t.

Get around your Electricity Provider’s Network Restrictions

Your local electrical provider may be inhibiting the amount of solar power you generate with limitations in how many panels you can install on your roof. Alternatively, there may be a limit on how much kW you can send through an inverter, your home and onto the grid. Here’s where a hybrid solar system may be the solution. You get a bigger solar powered system that meets your electricity network’s tight regulations.

Everyone wins!

Advantages of a Hybrid Solar System

  • Store substantial amounts of solar energy that you can use later in the evening when your solar panels aren’t producing.
  • Reduce the demand and reliance on traditional harmful sources of energy.
  • Self-use your own electricity during times of peak demand to save more on costs.
  • Installing a hybrid inverter gives you a handy backup system for power.

Disadvantages of a Hybrid Solar System

  • You need more space to install an entire hybrid system.
  • The high initial cost of a battery and hybrid inverter installation can be off-putting to some people.
  • The payback time for a hybrid solar system is longer than a traditional on-grid solar system.

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