Why Is A Solar Engineer Visit Required For Solar Installation?

by | Aug 19, 2022

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Solar panel installation in Sydney is a substantial investment, involving multiple layers of approval, regulation, and connection. This all starts with qualified Australian installers and, more importantly, trained solar engineers/electricians.

A solar engineer, also known as a solar energy engineer, is an individual working on the installation and maintenance of solar power materials. Certified solar engineers provide reliable installations using compliant systems, components, and techniques.

When looking for the best solar installation company, ensure that the installers are accredited through the CEC (Clean Energy Council). Solar engineers certified through the CEC are recognised as having undertaken the necessary training to install solar panels.


While you may be more concerned with the physical act of installing rooftop solar, adherence to regulations dictate and separate solar installers. Professional solar engineers undertake all installation, connection, and maintenance work in line with the relevant legislations, standards, and codes.

Everything from the quality of the solar panels themselves, energy performance, and the validity of the warranties come down to how closely statutes were followed. Under the Home Building Act 1984 for example, it is illegal in NSW for an unqualified individual to perform electrical wiring work. The electrical work actually allows your solar panels to function.

After a solar system is installed and connected by a solar engineer or licensed electrician, they are obligated to test the system to determine its safety. As part of this requirement, owners will be provided with a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work, attesting to its safety and efficiency.

Compliance with statutes like the above ensures solar panel installation in Sydney is performed with due skill, care, and diligence.

CEC Accreditation

The Clean Energy Council is a central body of companies and businesses that support and govern the clean energy sector. Membership in the CEC demonstrates a commitment to renewable sources of energy and provides access to the latest industry updates.

The Council offers a range of accreditation programs for the installation of grid-connected and off-grid solar systems. Many solar engineers benefit from these accreditations, which are then passed on to homeowners.

CEC accreditations provide benefits including

  • To be eligible for certain government incentives such as STCs (small technology certificates) which can reduce the cost of your solar system.
  • Kept apprised and up-to-date with changes to industry standards, guidelines, and requirements.
  • Informed as to product testing and emergent issues found by Clean Energy Regulator inspections.

These accreditations are only open to individuals, such as the qualified solar installers at Solar System, who are recognised by the CEC. This ensures every installation is performed using compliant systems and components by highly-trained professionals.

Reliable Installation

At the core of solar panel installation, alongside complying with regulations and industry standards, is the knowledge our professionals possess. Offering efficient and reliable installation, our solar experts ensure your panels are secure and facing the optimal direction.

The skilled approach each installer takes provides every home and business with solar energy generation you can rely on.

While accreditation is only open to individual installers, the best solar installation companies can also show their commitment to providing high-quality clean energy solutions. As a CEC Approved Solar Retailer, Solar System provides high-quality Tier 1 solar panels, affordable solar packages, and thorough rooftop installation.

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