What Is The Difference Between Good And Bad Solar Battery Installation?

by | Sep 23, 2022

solar battery installation
Solar power is an important investment in your future energy generation and financial stability. But as is the case with solar panels, the quality of installation can affect the functionality of your equipment in a variety of ways. A ‘good’ installation mitigates risk factors as much as possible and has measures in place to address unforeseen problems.

Cheaper is not always better

Many solar retailers and installers are available in the market, offering a similar selection of products. This means that installation is often the key point of difference between solar installers. As a result, the solar battery installation cost can vary widely, with reputable companies mixed with unscrupulous entities.

It is important to remember that cheaper prices aren’t always the best indicator of a good or high-quality installation. Do as much independent research as possible and gather quotes from multiple CEC-approved companies.

The Clean Energy Council

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) is the peak body for the Australian renewable energy industry. Membership is voluntary but demonstrates a commitment to raising standards and providing high-quality clean energy solutions.

You can take steps to avoid a bad solar installation by ensuring they are accredited or approved by the CEC. This can take several forms including:

  • CEC-accredited installers/designers
  • CEC-approved solar retailers
  • A signatory to the CEC Retailer’s Code of Conduct
  • On-site solar assessments

    For solar battery installation, an on-site assessment is important to properly determine how best to address a customer’s needs.

  • Are there obstructions to solar battery setup?
  • Is an existing system compatible with a new battery?
  • What type of inverter will best suit a new panel and battery package?
  • These questions, and many more, can be hard to properly answer without an on-site solar assessment. Bad installations can result from companies applying a blanket approach and treating all solar setups as the same. Fortunately, Solar System provides free non-obligation solar assessments, to ensure high-quality solar that meets customer standards.

    Installation location

    According to CEC regulations, solar battery installation needs to comply with requisite Australian Standards. This determines where solar storage systems can be installed, in order to maintain the optimal transfer of power, safety, and battery life.

    Different solar batteries are rated for different environments, with many being dust- and water-resistant. Some batteries can be safely installed outside while others have to be installed in a well-ventilated non-habitable room.

    A good installation will take into account the type of battery, the setup of the house, and how the battery would be affected by external factors. A bad installation may not consider these standards which could negatively affect battery performance and warranty.

    Product warranties

    The effectiveness of a solar system warranty is often determined by the quality of the installation. High-quality installations from reputable CEC-accredited companies will ensure products are installed in line with manufacturer specifications. A dedicated approach is required to ensure all practical installation requirements are met to ensure your battery is covered in case of an issue. This can only be achieved with thorough and reliable installers.

    Installers who cut corners or do not install in line with manufacturer guidelines can effectively void the warranty of your solar battery, leaving you without that necessary protection.

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