Top 3 Ways to Reduce Energy Costs

by | Jul 23, 2021

Solar Panels Sydney CostWhether it is in the winter or summer months, energy bills tend to spike up. You want to keep your family comfortable during these times when the weather gets too cold or too hot as the temperature outside creeps into your home.

It’s not only the heat or the chill that often causes your household expenses to rise, water heating, lighting, and powering appliances also all add up. As energy prices rise, homeowners ‘are considering electricity bills as one of their most concerning expenses.

At Solar System Pty. Ltd, we are experts when it comes to helping Australians save incredibly on their energy bills. We bring you the 3 best ways we’ve seen businesses and households utilise to save on electricity!

  • Solar Systems
    One of the most impactful ways to reduce electricity costs is by installing an electricity generating system of your own. Solar panels take in the sunlight and the inverter converts it into electricity that you can use in your home or business. It can also help alleviate pressure off the grid during high demand, be stored for later use during non-daylight hours with a battery or be fed back into the grid for added reductions on your bill.Solar systems are not solely restricted to your energy usage. Solar water heating systems are also available to alleviate costs.
  • Energy Efficient Appliances & Bulbs
    Another way we’ve found that Australians have managed to save on their energy bills over time is through selecting energy efficient appliances and light bulbs. While the savings may seem small at first, it all adds up over time.Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light emitting diodes (LEDs) are both common examples of light bulbs that use less electricity than the usual incandescent lights. Energy efficiency ratings can be found on most essential appliances for your kitchen and bathroom.Energy efficient bulbs and appliances will generally cost more upfront, but they have cheaper running costs. This means that they are sure to save you more money overtime.
  • Insulation
    Good insulation helps maintain a comfortable and mild temperature inside your home, so there is less need for heating or cooling. Insulation is usually built into the walls of a building, as well as either the ceiling or roof of your home.If you are finding that your home or business is not retaining the same temperature in your building it might be time to invest in additional insulation. Fitting wall cladding to your home’s exterior walls can also help improve its insulation. As well as going for double glazed windows that reduce heat or cold transfer through these weaker parts in your wall.For a quick and relatively cost-effective approach, you can also find insulated or thermal curtains to cover your windows and help lock in a comfortable temperature in your home. A good way to do this is pulling back the curtains to let the sun and heat in during the brighter periods of the day, before closing your curtains as it gets colder and darker outside.

    While energy bills always tend to rise, there are things that you can do to reduce the burden of these costs. At Solar Systems Pty Ltd, our professionals have assisted countless families and businesses with implementing changes that lower the costs of their electricity bills.

    Solar panels are a great way to shave down the cost of energy. In some cases, it won’t only reduce energy bills but eliminate them too. Depending on your location, your household may also be able to take advantage of the financial incentives of your state government to make an installation more affordable.

Want to know what impact a solar system can have on your energy bills?

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