Tips To Remember Before Installing Solar Panels

by | Jul 8, 2022

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Despite solar panels being a positive investment in renewable energy, they are still an investment and can require a bit of research to ensure quality and optimal performance. To help you make the switch, we’ve provided some handy tips to consider before solar panel installation.

Your current electricity needs
While the potential energy output of sunlight is limitless, different solar panels are rated for varied energy outputs. To choose the right panel for your home, it’s important to determine your current electricity consumption. Your usage can be easily found by referring to a recent energy bill.

Once you know how much electricity you use, you can begin looking around for the ideal solar panel and best solar installation company to meet your needs. As solar panels are getting more and more affordable, you may wish to consider a larger system to compensate for future electricity usage.

Double-check your roof
Before going ahead with solar panel installation in Sydney, it’s a good idea to assess the condition and stability of your roof. Conduct necessary repairs to strengthen or fix your roof before installation to prevent further damage to your property or the solar panels themselves. This can also assist in determining the size of panel your roof can comfortably support.

Roof repairs can be conducted after installation but that will involve having to remove and reinstall solar panels, which can be costly.

Get a free solar assessment
One of the first steps in choosing the perfect solar panel is to get a solar assessment from a reliable installer. Many installers, including the qualified professionals at Solar System, offer free solar assessments to determine the eligibility of solar panels for your home. The highly-trained assessors at Solar System do this using 3D aerial imagery to evaluate the layout of your home.

These assessments can help to determine the ideal orientation and angle of each panel, maximising potential solar output and energy savings.

Solar peripherals
Peripherals and add-ons for your solar system can affect the performance and functionality of your solar setup which makes them important to consider before installation. Performance monitoring and tracking systems are efficient ways to keep an eye on the functionality of the system. These monitoring systems provide useful data about your solar setup you can then use to ensure your system functions at peak efficiency.

Solar batteries are optional storage devices that can collect unused solar energy for later consumption. Batteries are ideal for those who aren’t home during the day or who wish to employ solar energy at night.

Understanding solar warranties

When it comes to solar panel installation in Sydney, it’s important to understand the different types of solar warranties.

  • Inverter Product Warranties cover the solar inverter, which converts DC solar energy into the AC electricity needed for your home.
  • Solar Panel Warranties protect against any faults or construction defects affecting normal panel function.
  • Solar Performance Warranties refer to the standard loss of power generation through degradation. This does not cover faults or workmanship issues.

Choosing the best solar installation company ensures your warranty remains valid.

Contact Solar System, one of the top solar installers in NSW, for more information or to book a free assessment.

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