Solar Installation is a Sound Investment

by | Jul 11, 2021

solar energy systemIf you are looking for ways to save money around the home or your business, a solar panel installation makes a sound investment for your portfolio. The renewable energy industry has come a long way. With decades of development and research, solar panels promise a reliable source of clean energy to give your appliances power.

You may also qualify for Government financial incentives based on your state and suburb, as well as your income, that make this technology even more accessible.

Why it’s a Good Investment: 

    Fossil fuels are the leading source of electricity both in Australia and worldwide. While it’s been long relied on to provide a lasting and consistent source of power, they have also contributed to the largest manmade greenhouse gases. Additionally, there is a finite amount of fossil fuels on the earth, and as they become rarer, they will also increase in cost. Gas, oil, and coal may also one day cease to exist.
    Renewable energy technology such as solar panels generate electricity from clean energy sources. Solar panels convert sunlight into power, a resource that is always clean, free and won’t run out. It’s an electricity source that lessens your carbon impact.
    Another big reason that Australians are choosing to install solar panels for their home or business is just how much you can save on power. While solar panels have a sizable cost upfront, overtime solar panels greatly reduce your electricity bill; by providing your own power during the daylight hours, as well as gaining credits from your energy provider.
    Australian buyers have said in a study that they are willing to pay up to $15,000 extra for a home with a solar system. It’s a great way to make your property stand out from the rest on the market. Read more here: How Can Solar Energy Boost the Value of Your Property?
    Don’t you hate it when there’s issues with the power line? When the grid goes down or is interrupted, having your own solar system allows you to still have access. It’s another vital reason why Australians are seeing solar installations as a great investment in securing some added independence for your home.
    The current financial incentives provided by the government and the Renewable Energy Scheme also means that you may be able to access some support to help lessen the cost of the installation. Many of the incentives are given out through State Governments, therefore you should look up what benefits you may have access to based on your state, suburb, and financial status.
    Every small-scale solar panel installed by a CEC accredited installer before 2030 is also eligible to earning STCs (small-scale technology certificates) that can be sold to help pay back the cost of an installation.

Getting a Solar Installation:

  • Energy bill – When considering how greatly you can benefit from a solar installation, we recommend that you look over your past energy bills for the last 12 months. Our experts will be able to help assist you with this knowledge, to help suggest a solution that will be the most beneficial for you.
  • Household energy usage – Another important facet to factor in is the patterns of your electricity usage. Your energy bill will be able to help point out and map out some of your household’s energy habits, but our installers will also ask about your lifestyle and what needs in future you may expect to change if any. 
  • Feed-In Tariffs – When excess electricity goes to the grid, it’s not a loss. Instead, you can earn credits against your electricity bill through what electricity your solar panels generate. For this reason, comparing energy providers may also be another step you want to take in the process of installing solar. 
  • Free Solar Assessment – A custom solution is important, for a solar system that is well suited to your rooftop. For this reason, Solar System Pty Ltd offers a free solar assessment to every household and business to provide a custom solar design based on your location, rooftop, and energy use.

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