Is Solar the Power of the Future?

by | Jul 13, 2021

solar panels SydneyWe think so! And we are not alone. Solar energy is one of the most abundant renewable sources available to us on the planet. With the latest and upcoming developments in technology today, many clean energy experts are optimistic about changing over to a solar-led power production plan with the use of solar panels and large industrial solar battery storage. 

The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that renewable energy will overtake coal as the primary power source by 2025. Experts also believe that solar power systems will lead the way to this new transition to cleaner energy. 

The technology has also become more efficient and even more accessible with Government assistance, and there’s a lot of promise that solar systems hold for becoming the most cost-effective and effective production method for energy. Particularly for Australian households and businesses.

We’re Uniquely Positioned for Solar Power 

Australia has a distinctively prime position in this growing sector, with the high amounts of solar radiation that the country gathers. But why settle for just our word on it, when you can check out the statistics for yourself:

Calculating Solar Coverage –

The two ways used to measure how much solar covers a surface is with global horizontal radiation (GHI) and direct solar irradiance (DNI). 

  • Global Horizontal Radiation or GHI measure the amount of radiation sourced from the sun, coming from any direction. 
  • Whilst Direct Solar Irradiance or DNI is the solar radiation measured from a measurement directed at the sun as it moves across the day.

Australia’s Solar Coverage – 

Australia has 5.73 kWh of global horizontal radiation, per m2, per day: second only to Africa at 5.77. 

The country also has a direct solar irradiance of 6.22 kWh, per m2, per day – which is the greatest in the world. 

Altogether these measurements mean that we live on the continent with the highest solar coverage globally.

The Many Benefits of Solar:

  • Clean Energy – Solar power is a source of clean, renewable energy that doesn’t contribute more greenhouse gases or carbon to the earth. 
  • Cost-Effective – In addition to providing a clean source of power, solar panels are remarkably cost effective. The technology is more accessible today with growing innovation and financial incentives. Solar panels also pay for themselves over time and will continue to reduce the cost of your energy bills afterwards, over time.
  • Self-Maintaining – The hard and durable materials of solar panels, as well as the slanted way they are installed, means that they are generally self-cleaning. Dirt, debris, leaves and tiny branches most of the time will fall off the panels. For the off chance that anything does gather there, rain also helps clean panels by washing the debris away. 

Large-Scale Battery Storage

The biggest disadvantages that cynics have with solar is its reliance on the changing weather. It’s true that solar systems produce less power in winter and cloudy days, but as a country the growing answer for this problem that experts have pointed out are large-scale battery storage facilities to store excess solar power for more overcast days. More private energy companies are already investing in these facilities, however, there has not been much investment into large-scale solar storage from the Government in recent years. 

Invest in the Energy of the Future –

Install Solar Panels on your Home: It’s never a better time for Australian homeowners to install solar panels than right now. Solar panels pay off themselves over time, lessen your carbon impact and reduce the cost overall you spend on electricity. With the financial incentives available by state, you may also have a prime opportunity to seize a great deal. 

Install Solar Panels on your Business: Solar panels can help your company become more independent, cost-effective, and competitive. It’s a great investment and asset for your company that will help lower your costs and lessen those times of high demand on the grid. You can also claim back the cost on taxes too as an asset, for an investment that continues to reduce costs. 

Install a Solar Farm on your Land: For those who have a lot of land but not all the ideas on how to use it, a solar farm can be a great way to earn money from an energy company. Feed-in tariffs give you money for the power you produce and can really help you gain more efficiency in power.

Invest in a Solar Car Charger: Solar System Pty Ltd also provides solar car chargers for electric cars. It’s a great vehicle for taking you to work or errands, all without adding to harmful greenhouse gases. 

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