Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Solar Panel Installation

by | Nov 22, 2022

Solar panel installation

These days it is common to hear about clean, renewable energy and why the world should move away from fossil fuels to generate electricity. Methane gas, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide continue to make pollution a huge problem around the world and Australia is keen to be a world leader in renewable energy, especially solar because we are one of the most sun-kissed continents.

Solar panels help to cut your power bills

While there are many arguments for and against renewable energy in Australia, the rising cost of electricity is now forcing homeowners and building contractors to start installing solar panels to generate at least a part of the power the home needs on a daily basis. Add to this the booming electric car market, and you have more reasons for solar panel installation if you haven’t done so already.

In Australia, we are blessed with some of the sunniest days on the planet and this puts solar panels in pole position when it comes to renewable energy. Solar Systems leads the way in Australia, providing innovative and technologically advanced solar panels to power your home or office.

Australia leads the way in solar panel installations

Australia is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to installing solar panels. At the end of October 2021, Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator confirmed that nearly three million solar power systems have been installed in Australian homes and small businesses.

The surge in solar panels was noticeable during Covid-19 and now as many as 30 per cent of Australian households have solar panels. This is a huge percentage in a country that has nearly 10 million households.

Energy from the sun is unlimited

  • Did you know that energy from the sun is the most abundant source in the world?
  • To get solar energy, you need sunshine to be stored in solar panels.
  • These panels can generate power either through photovoltaic, which is used for electricity or via solar thermal, which is reserved for heating purposes.
  • While direct sunlight is the fastest and most effective way for solar panels to change it to power, they can capture sun rays on cloudy days, depending on their positioning.
  • NSW householders are the clear leaders

    NSW is the undisputed leader when it comes to installing solar panels. In 2020, NSW recorded 85,494 installations, out of a total of 370,013 small-scale systems installed countrywide. NSW was followed by the sunshine state, Queensland, with 70,671 installations.
    CHAdeMo is a DC-only connection capable of delivering up to 400kW at peak performance.

    The NSW postcode with the highest number of solar PV systems

    The Western Sydney suburbs of Marsden Park, Vineyard, Box Hill and Berkshire Park which share the postcode 2765, led the way in NSW with 1841 solar PV systems installed in 2020, according to Australia’s scientific research agency, CSIRO.

    Big jump in energy scheme certificates

    In 2020, the Clean Energy Regular said more than 362,000 rooftop solar PV installations in Australia were issued with small-scale renewable energy scheme certificates (STCs). This figure under the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme was a jump from the 283,991 installations which received STCs in 2019. Most were for home purposes, the regulator said.

    Reducing emissions household by household

    Households that install the maximum solar panels, will be able to reduce their emissions and carbon footprint by a sizable amount each year, while also keeping their electricity prices lower than those dependent fully on fossil fuel-generated power.

    Tackling carbon dioxide emissions

    Australia is the 14th largest emitter of carbon dioxide, making up one per cent of the world’s emissions. According to CSIRO, in 2020, Australia’s emitted 499 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, which was a five per cent decrease from 2019. Most of this comes directly from producing energy in the country.

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