Hybrid Solar System: What You Need to Know

by | Dec 31, 2021

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Sick of empowering energy retailers mostly powered by coal and fossil fuels?

Want a way out from paying Solar Tax?

Then you, like many Australians, should start looking into hybrid solar systems. Hybrid systems are solar panel systems that also include solar battery storage. This means that instead of just exporting all the solar generated electricity to the grid, you will be able to store your electricity at home and use it when you need it.

By consuming more of the electricity generated by your panels, you get better savings and your household becomes more environmentally friendly. But before you dive right into a hybrid solar system installation or battery storage system, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about these systems.

How does a Hybrid Solar System work?

Most solar systems installed on residential properties are a solar tie-in system. In simpler terms, solar panel systems without batteries that attach to the grid. These systems send electricity to the inverter that is then used by homeowners in their homes, or otherwise gets sent out onto the grid.

Solar hybrid systems store this power in your battery if you aren’t using it, instead of exporting to the grid. It means that you can use electricity from your solar panels after dark, while still having the grid network to draw from when your solar panels and batteries are empty.

When there is a power outage, some solar system owners believe that they can continue to use electricity from their solar panels. This isn’t true, as the network cuts off to protect electricians working on the grid and the grid’s infrastructure itself. However, with a hybrid solar system, homeowners will still have the excess power which has been stored in their battery.

It means that they can continue using power, even while others on the street can’t.

Why now?
Why is there such a big push for batteries now? There are a few reasons you may want to switch to this type of system:

  • You may be getting less $$$ from the grid with reduced feed-in tariff from energy retailers
  • You want to get out of paying ‘solar tax’ to export electricity to the grid
  • Like other Australians, you are interested in buying Electric Cars or Hybrid Plug-in vehicles

What’s not to love about hybrid solar systems?

Price. While there’s such a huge push now for hybrid solar systems, it may not be for everybody and that’s okay. With the inclusion of a solar battery, the price of your overall solar system increases significantly. However, there’s also good news too. With higher demand and more manufacturers, the price for batteries is decreasing – just like it did with solar panels.

Retrofitting a Solar System | Going Hybrid

It’s easy to go from an existing grid tie solar system into a hybrid solar system. You can just call up CEC accredited solar installers such as Solar System Australia, and they can provide a battery solution.

Additional electrical cabling or a new solar inverter may also be needed and will therefore add to the cost of installation.

Installing a New Solar System + Battery | New Hybrid Systems

If you do not yet own a solar system, then you may consider installing a hybrid solar system from the get-go. If you’re interested in installing solar batteries, you’ll save more money by paying for them now with your solar panel system.

Why? You cut out the additional administration and installation costs that comes with making a second additional purchase later down the line. Better savings upfront.

Get Help to Know if Hybrid Solar is Right for You

Still not sure if you’ll benefit from installing a hybrid system?

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