How to Charge your Hybrid Car with Renewable Energy?

by | Nov 12, 2021

hybrid car charger
You may already know this, but one of the most impactful ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is by reducing pollution when driving. This is why man people consider purchasing a hybrid electric car or are a proud owner of one already.

However, when it comes to charging a hybrid vehicle, the process isn’t just as simple as you may expect.

Why Australians are looking for new ways to power their cars

  • Travel accounted for 17% or a third of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2017, with roughly half of the figure attributing to cars.
  • Australia was ranked second-worst internationally in 2017 for transport energy efficiency.

Hybrid vehicles unlike petroleum and electric vehicles, run on both petrol (or diesel) and electric. For shorter stopping and starting during short commutes, such as between 20-50 miles, hybrid cars use their electric motor. During longer drives however, the car will rely on petrol. As it has this backup, it’s a great way for those concerned about not finding charging stations elsewhere to power up for more drives ahead.

ALSO, unlike electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles don’t need a charging station to charge the car’s electric battery. Instead, it charges itself with the kinetic energy made when your vehicle moves.

So, without doing anything, it already charges itself with clean renewable energy.

But what if I want to charge my hybrid with Solar Energy?

You can! But there’s a process you need to go through first – converting your vehicle.

Hybrid car owners that have wanted to fuel efficiency of an EV car and the extra back up of a car that can use fuel can convert their car into a hybrid plug in. Turning their vehicle into one that can plug into an electric car charger.

This is a conversion you can do yourself with a hybrid plug-in conversion kit, or for a bit extra you can rely on the help of a mechanic to help you with the installation.

Your newly converted hybrid plug in will be able to clock up to 60 miles as an EV-powered vehicle before having to rely on petrol or diesel.

Installing an Electric Car Charger

After you have converted your hybrid car into a hybrid plug-in vehicle, the last thing to do is install your solar infrastructure. You will need an electric car charger, solar panels, and a solar inverter. Our solar company can assist you with tailoring a suitable package that fits your needs in power. With residential and business grade electric car chargers that can readily charge up your car.

As a CEC approved solar retailer, our specialists can help you with solar system services held to the highest standards in the industry. We give our customers all the information they need to understand how to look after and make the most out of this technology, along with assistance with all the paperwork to get set up.

Have concerns with going solar with your hybrid?

Many people are deterred from purchasing an electric car or converting their hybrid into a plug-in, with fears there won’t be charging ports to refill outside of their home. Thankfully, Australia is changing in some ways to move closer towards the net-zero emissions goal by 2050.

These changes include more charging stations for electric vehicles over the next 4 years.

Currently, the NSW State Government plans to make charging stations accessible:

  • at every 5km interval in Sydney’s major corridors
  • every 100km on average along major NSW highways
  • within 5km of residential areas that have limited off-street parking
  • in or near commuter car parks

Making electric and hybrid electric vehicles an even better option.

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