How Much Should a Solar Panel System with Batteries Cost?

by | Oct 15, 2021

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When you’re on the hunt for a solar system complete with robust solar panels and batteries, pricing might be one factor that is a concern. For such an important utility for your home or office, it’s valid to worry about paying the right amount. Too low and you risk investing in a cheap system that is inefficient or likely to break down.

At Solar System Australia, our friendly specialists are determined to help Australian homeowners when it comes to saving money on their electricity bills. Through a focus on creating clean custom solutions in renewable energy, we are immensely proud of the work that we do.

Below, we show you the figures of what a solar panel system with batteries should cost and why.

Let’s break it down one key part at a time:

Solar Panels

How Much Solar Panels Should Cost: Depends on the solar system package.

Why? Solar panels are sold for the value of the kilowatts they can produce per hour. They are therefore sold on this amount to better help customers find a solar system that fits their requirements. Generally, the bigger the package, the less you pay on each individual solar panel. A solar inverter is also always included in this price as a solar system can’t produce usable AC electricity without one.

Are They Worth It? Yes!

While solar panels still have a sizable upfront cost today, they are more affordable than the PV systems of old. With all the time allotted to the technology over many decades for testing, innovation, and development, they provide a reliable resource for renewable energy and cheaper bills in the home.

The pricing for solar panels varies between different states in Australia, the reason is that each state has its own rebate or financial incentives that make the cost of solar panels cheaper. On top of this, each state also experiences their own unique climate patterns which impacts how many solar panels are needed to produce the same estimate amount of electricity overtime.

As a resident in New South Wales, we pleased to inform customers that the price for solar panels here are much more competitive than the national average. As a state that experiences a good amount of sunlight, NSW is one state that has really been taking advantage of this technology over the last few years. You can find out more information about solar rebate, by visiting the state government website.

Buy Now or Buy Later? When you look at the different factors behind your energy bill, most homeowners would concede that it’s best to buy now.

It’s true that solar panel technology is becoming more affordable and efficient, but what’s also true is that the price of electricity also keeps going up. But with STCs and some interest free finance options available in some states there are also some great deals out on the market on offer. By investing sooner, you can potentially offset a greater amount over time!

Solar Inverter

How Much a Solar Inverter Should Cost: Prices should be at around $1000 – $2000+ but this price is almost always included within a solar system package, usually representing 20% of the cost.

Why? An inverter plays a necessary role in your system, that endures constant strain.

On top of this, most competitive solar packages will overload solar inverters with a 133% load. It’s very safe to do so and makes the system work more efficiently, however, as you can expect a good quality inverter is needed to properly withstand this configuration; so that you can get the most out of your solar panel installation.

Are They Worth It? Yes! If you believe a solar panel installation is an investment you want to opt into, then a good quality solar inverter or two is something you cannot miss out on.

Solar inverters are an essential part of a solar system with an expected lifespan of 5-10 years. Taking the DC (direct current) electricity from the panels and converting it to AC (alternating current) for your household to use. As an absolute necessity for any solar system to make the electricity your solar panels usable, you will see them installed wherever solar panels also are.

The technology for solar inverters has been well tried and tested along with solar panels in commercial and independent testing. However, not just any solar inverter will do. We advise you to not just go with the cheapest inverter you can find as to bring the cost of a system down. You may find that it works less efficiently and prohibits you from getting the best out of your solar panels.

Solar Batteries

How Much Solar Batteries Should Cost: Generally, $1000-$2000 per kW. On top of the cost of solar panels and solar inverters some people may consider this technology costly, but it is addition that optimises your solar system like nothing else.

Why? Solar batteries are made with advanced manufacturing and expensive raw materials, particularly with lithium-ion batteries.

Solar batteries boast some sophisticated technology as they are made to undergo a lot of pressure from storing and discharging electricity over the years. As its technology has evolved from more recent development and research than solar panels, it’s not as affordable as it may yet be one day.

Are They Worth it? If you’re after energy independence or having an eco-friendly powered home, then YES!

When you add the price of solar battery storage to solar panels it can be daunting to invest in, for others, it’s not an investment that they can go without. Lithium ion excels in solar battery storage with a long-life span, great durability, and a higher discharge rate than lead acid. It’s also resistant to common battery types of damage like overcharge or electrolyte leakage.

However, if your priority for a solar panel system is the most savings on cost, it may not be the best option available at the moment, depending on your requirements. Don’t feel shy to get in touch with experts in solar like ours at Solar System Australia to assist you on working out what solar system gives you the best bang for buck. As our team are solution focused, and not sales motivated, we will only recommend solar battery storage if it looks like a valuable option based on your lifestyle and energy use. Our installers will also assist you with selecting the right size for a battery that can give you the convenience and extra independence you need, without letting space go to waste.

The Total Package

Most solar system packages on the market today will include solar panels and inverters together, labelled and designed for how much kW they can deliver per hour. With solar batteries as a possible addition to the installation. After determining the amount of kW, you desire out of a solar system you can work out an estimate for battery storage as well as that of the included solar inverter cost.

The cost of an installation doesn’t only cover solar panels and battery storage if you opt into a solar system installation. It also covers additional hardware such as mounting fixtures, delivery, labour and installation, electrical work (if it needs upgrades), permits, and warranty (included in the end price).

Reliable solar installers, like ourselves, will also be able to assist you in understanding your energy needs to recommend some of the best packages suitable for you.

Our Solar Systems Packages in New South Wales –

We use Tier 1 Solar Panels and the leading brands in solar for our products with the solutions our installers provide. We offer four solar system packages for residences –

6.6kW Solar System
7.7kw Solar System
9.9kw Solar System
13.3kw Solar System

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