How Much Energy Will a 10kW Solar System Produce?

by | Oct 29, 2021

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As more people are working from home, the search for energy saving solutions with solar has continued to rise. When it comes to finding the right solar system for your energy needs, the size of your system is key.

A 10kW solar system is a big system. A 10kw solar system, is expected to produce 40kWh per day or between 11,000-15,000kWh per year on average. That’s phenomenally powerful! If you are worried about your energy use and high energy bills, then it may be just the system for you.

Our experts at Solar System Australia are ready to assist you with our complete guide for 10kW solar systems.

A Heavy-Duty Generator in Home Solar

10kW systems provide a large output when it comes to energy, which makes it the perfect investment for larger households. To put it in perspective, you will be able to run air conditioning, home automation appliance, automatic pool filters, underfloor heating, modern TVs, entertainment equipment and more.

If your energy use is high and you or family are spending more time at home during the day, a 10kW system will be able to aptly generate electricity to power all this with no problem. After all, bigger household appliances require bigger energy solutions.

Most Suitable System for:

  • Large families
  • Big energy using households ($800+ quarterly bills)
  • Homes with air conditioning and a swimming pool
  • Working from home professionals
  • Powerful entertainment systems

10kW Solar System Pricing

A good quality 10kW solar system will not be cheap. Be wary of providers that will say they will provide a system at an extremely low price, as they might be trying to sell off a solar system that isn’t designed to last.

Solar System Australia provides solar systems with the leading trusted brands in the industry. We provide our clients with LONGi solar panels and Solis solar inverters. With long standing reputations and Australian based offices, we give you products that deliver on performance and durability.

How Long Does a 10kW Solar System Take to Pay for Itself?

We know that it is savings that homeowners purchase solar systems for. While the large 10kW solar system comes at a higher upfront cost, it’s still one that’s largely profitable. The average payback time for a solar system is 7 – 10 years. Sadly, we can’t give you a better figure until we take your personal factors and circumstances in mind.

Thankfully, our solar experts are solution focused first. We are providing a free service to analyse and consult with the energy needs of those wanting to lower their electricity bill. When it comes to the best return for money, the appropriately sized system is important. We are always happy to run you through your best options, and only recommend you a solar system that offers a reasonable return for its installation.

Hire the Best Solar Installers for Your 10kW System

When you want the reassurance of a high-quality system, complete with minutest workmanship, only the best will do. Solar System Australia has a strong and capable crew that is up to the task of providing you your ideal 10kW solar system installation. Every system that we provide is custom designed and planned to fit in with the needs of our client’s energy needs and property.

With over 12 years of experience, we are known as the experts in solar and as a CEC approved solar retailer you can rest assured our customer service is up to the best standards in the industry.

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