Factors That Drive The Cost of a Commercial Solar System

by | Jan 21, 2022

solar system cost

Is it the right time for your business to invest commercial solar system installation?

The first step is finding out how much your solar system in Australia will cost.

Understanding what factors contribute to the cost of your solar panel system will allow you to shop around, compare quotes and find the best deal.


Like most things, the bigger it is – the more it will cost.

When it comes to solar systems, you are paying for capacity. Therefore, it is worth paying for a solar panel system that is suitably sized for your business’s requirements. An effective way to break down your value for cost from the capacity of your new system is $/kW. It’s a standard of how we also talk about solar panel system costs in the industry.

While larger systems cost more, they also end up supplying more kW per dollar, which can make them much more efficient overall when your company has large energy needs. However, the good news with solar panels is that they are also scalable. Allowing you to dip your toe into the investment with a smaller system to get a feel and understand the operation of the system, before scaling up to gain larger yields in energy.

When your needs are more complicated, there is going to be more time and hardware needed, and so more costs are involved.

For example, installing a commercial solar system will be more expensive than installing a smaller system on a rooftop. Why? Unlike a residential rooftop installation, your solar panels will require added fixtures to mount each individual solar panel. A solar panel carport installation will also cost more, as added supports for the panels are needed to withstand the wind loading.

During a commercial solar system installation, you may require extra electrical cabling which will add to the overall cost of the system installation.


The brand of solar equipment chosen for your installation will also contribute to the overall cost of the system.

Not all solar products are made the same or cost the same. Just like other products, there are higher quality and lower quality brands.

When looking to install a quality solar system, it is important that you don’t look solely at price when you are comparing quotes from different companies. You should consider factors such as system efficiency, degradation and expected longevity. This is to ensure that you are getting the impressive performance that solar systems offer, for the money you pay.

As a Clean Energy Council approved solar retailer, we only supply some of the leading solar products on the market. These products are all Tier 1 products and have long been tested and tried, which is why the brands can give you great extensive warranties.

Battery Storage

The growing trend in new solar system installations, is battery storage.

Battery storage systems are an optional addition with solar systems, but it is quickly becoming more and more popular amongst home and business owners. Solar batteries cost a substantial amount, so they will add more to your solar system installation cost upfront. However, solar batteries also increase your capacity for your own solar power use. Which may mean your business saves more overall in the long run.

Financial Incentives

Federal and State Governments incentives can also reduce the upfront cost of your installation, make the initial payment more accessible, or recoup costs. Make sure to check for current incentives for solar systems to see how you also may benefit in terms of cost.

In Summary

Size, installation, brands, batteries and financial incentives available will all affect the cost of a commercial solar system. However, each solar system is different, just as the energy usage of every business is different. To get an exact idea and quote on a commercial solar system that ticks the boxes of what your business needs, it’s important that you speak to a credible solar retailer for a proper consultation.

Solar System Australia is a CEC approved solar retailer, with CEC licensed solar installers. Our staff would be happy to talk you through the entire process.

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