Choose the Correct Solis Inverters & Battery for your Solar-Powered Homes

by | Nov 5, 2021

10kw solar system with batteries
Using solar to power your home is one of the greatest modern inventions there is to reducing greenhouses gases and your household electricity bills. However, every solar panel installation also requires an apt installation of a solar inverter.

Inverters play a crucial part in facilitating the operation of your residential solar system. It’s important that it doesn’t become a throwaway detail when you are looking for a package or customising your own bundle. With today’s growing power bills and growing working from home culture, it may also be the right time to add some battery storage in addition to your connection on the grid.

At Solar System Australia, we are passionate about helping every homeowner switch over to the best solar solutions to make their home energy use cleaner and more energy efficient. Our experts here have put together a guide to help you choose the right Solis inverter and battery to install for your home.


Our company is a trusted supplier of Solis inverters, one of the leading brands on the market today. All the range of products offer at least an energy efficiency of 97% and provide you operational data based on real world operating circumstances, not on ideal conditions. They are designed to provide a smooth and sleek modern appearance on top of their reliably high performance.

Solis Inverters also have these features:

String Inverters – These inverters are connected to a series of solar panels and are a common standard in the industry. They look like a standalone box that is installed near your electricity meter. Most residential solar installations will have just one installed on the property, but in the case of larger solar systems two may be recommended. Microinverters, conversely, are installed on the back of each solar panel instead of connecting to a group of solar panels on a string.

Single Phase & Three Phase – Single phase inverters produce single phase power from solar systems, while three phrase inverters produce and distribute power evenly on three phases. Single phase will work on three phase energy grid systems; however, experts recommend installing a three-phase inverter on three-phase power systems to avoid any issues with rising voltage. Generally, most Australian houses operate on single phase connections. Solis provides both models of inverters to best meet your home’s energy requirements. If you need help analysing your home’s power phase system, our electricians can provide assistance.

Hybrid Inverters – These inverters are specially made and designed to include a solar battery within your solar system installation. We offer Solis hybrid inverters for both new systems and retrofitting batteries into existing systems. Not all inverters that Solis provides is a hybrid inverter however. This means you can incur additional costs if you don’t already have one installed in your system, if you are looking to install battery storage.

For 6.6kW Residential Solar Systems

Go with: 5kW Solis Inverter Single Phase

Our 6.6kW is our standard solar system, suitable for the average household. It provides an ample amount of power to cover most appliances for great value for money. As solar panels won’t likely provide the maximum amount of wattage on non-ideal sunny days, a 6.6kW solar panel setup with a 5 solar inverter is a smart design move. Allowing you to get the most you can out of your inverter without paying additional higher costs.

If you are looking to add more power than 6.6kW however, it’s advised to go onto a higher kW solar inverter.

7.7kW Residential solar systems

Go with: 6kW Solis Inverter Single Phase

7.7kW residential solar systems are perfect for households that are needing a bit more electricity. Either from having more family members or greater energy using appliances. A 6kW Solis single-phase inverter is the apt solution for this solar system, as it offers the maximum capacity at the lowest cost.

For 9.9kw Residential Solar Systems

Go with: 8kW Solis Inverter Single Phase

A 9.9kW solar system is ideal for large family homes and can easily cover your air conditioning and pool maintenance energy needs. An 8kw Solis single-phase inverter is recommended for a 133% loading, to give you the best energy return for your money. This is a robust system that can be great for additionally filing up battery storage if you select that option, or by just giving you extra savings on the grid.

For 13.3kW Residential Solar Systems

Go with: 2 x 5kW Solis Inverters – single phase or 10kW Solis inverter – three phase

Such a large system demands a more complex solution when it comes to inverters, to ensure voltage issues don’t arise. 13.3kW produces 23-27kW of energy, per day. Our recommended 2 single-phase inverter system or 1 three-phrase inverter system allows for the energy to be divided among the system more evenly. Giving you an apt and safe conversion of power.

Overloading your Solar Inverter – Ensure the Best Efficiency

Our solar installers recommend solar system packages with a solar panel wattage that overloads your inverter by 133%. Electricians and the Clean Energy Council have approved this load. What this means is that more of your solar panels energy lasts and can travel through the system, and that you can get the most use out of your solar inverters.

The recommendations we list for Solis inverters above is based on 133% overloaded solar panel systems. Thereby, offering you the optimum performance and reliability for great returns.

Going Hybrid – Adding Battery Storage

‘Going hybrid’ or installing solar battery storage requires a hybri denergy storage inverter.

Solis offers these products in models from 3k-10k in energy. While selecting the right solar inverter can be pretty clear cut when you take into account your solar system, sizing your battery correctly also depends on other factors: such as your energy use habits, and how many days of autonomy you desire. Therefore, we recommend getting assistance when determining the right size battery for your solar home.

Solar System Australia is a reputable supplier of both Solis solar inverters and Alpha Ess solar batteries. If you need assistance in selecting the correct products for your home, please get in contact with our installers now for a free assessment and quote.

Call us now on 1800 975 270 or email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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