Charging an Electric Car from Solar Panels and Batteries

by | Dec 3, 2021

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Electric cars present one of the newest fronts in innovations in how transport can be transformed to be more energy efficient and sustainable. Selecting electricity over petrol to power cars has significantly made an impact on carbon emissions. However, for the most effective carbon reduction, the way to go is with solar.

How Do I Start Charging with Solar?

If you own an electric or hybrid vehicle, you likely already have your own electric car charger to let you top up your vehicle whenever you are home. So that you don’t have to worry about your car’s battery running flat before you head off for the day.

Adding solar to this set up is a straightforward process of a solar panel and inverter installation. In fact, you don’t even need an electric car charger to draw from this power. It is only a highly recommended feature, as it makes the charge much faster and more efficient. But you can still charge your car with solar after a solar system installation from just plugging into a power point.

You can call a solar company in Sydney to complete this task for you. After taking into consideration your roof, location’s expected sun patterns, energy usage, lifestyle patterns and budget, a professional solar company like ourselves will be able to recommend a solar package that meets your requirements to power both your home and car. To satisfyingly, provide your car the strong environmental charge it needs.

Charging your electric car or hybrid vehicle from here is just a matter of plugging your charging cable through your electric car charger or power point during sunlight hours.

The Difference with Solar Batteries
The downside admittedly is that you will only benefit from this cheaper and cleaner energy during the sunlight hours. For those that work busy 9-5 days, the time you have to charge at home often won’t be when the sky is high in the sky. But this can be remedied when you also include battery storage in the system.

A suitable solar system with battery storage lets you draw on the clean energy that your system generates during the day, at the time you need it: such as in the evening! Which means that you can really make the most of the energy your system generates, achieve better savings, and significantly lower your carbon emissions.

Supporting Your Workers with Electric Vehicles

If you already have solar panels installed to your commercial property or workspace, you can also take the opportunity to support your workers who own electric vehicles by investing in electric car charger/s. The supply and installation of these equipment can be offered at reasonable rates and will allow them to pull from the abundant clean energy your panels are already generating.

It’s a great way to support a cleaner environment with less carbon emissions as well as to help your workers save on costs to power their vehicle. No doubt, it is an effective way to boost morale at work.

Get Assistance for a Solar System Installation

You can call Solar System Australia and our CEC accredited solar installers will assist you with the right package to cover your home and electric car’s energy needs. Dial 1800 975 270 for a free solar assessment where our experts assess your energy needs and provides a solution to both help you save and to reduce your carbon footprint.

Get Assistance for an Electric Car Charger

In addition to solar panels, inverters and batteries, our company also supplies and installs electric car chargers suitable for Type 1 and Type 2 connections. You can call 1800 975 270 or write us an email on [email protected]. One of our experts will get back to you promptly to give you the right advice for a charger that meets your vehicle’s needs.

Without a Solar System, What’s The Most Environmental Way to Charge?

If a new solar system is out of your price range, or you are still on the fence, there are still things you can do to lower your carbon emissions even further with the way you charge up your vehicle. When possible, plug your electric vehicle in during the sunlight hours of the day. As it’s a great time to draw from the clean energy that other solar panel owners generate.

If you are enjoying our blog, stay tuned. Our experts will continue to provide more insights about solar panels, batteries, and the wider solar industry.

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