Charge Your Electric Vehicle at Home

by | Nov 26, 2021

electric car charging at homeThe rates you pay to power an electric vehicle far outperform the savings you can get when re-fuelling a traditional petroleum vehicle. Electricity is much cheaper, and on top of the environmental benefits of putting out less carbon into the atmosphere, it’s the reason why so many people are now opting to own electric vehicles.

However, as a newer ‘fuel’ on the road, the process you go about actually charging your vehicle can leave you scratching your head. But keeping and charging a vehicle isn’t too hard, it just requires a bit of planning and forming some good habits.

There are three key locations to charge an EV vehicle:

  • Charging at a Public Charging Station
  • Charging at Work
  • Charging at Home

There are more public electric car charging stations in NSW today than when these vehicles first came to Australia in 2008, with about 4627 now in the state. Some offer free charging, and others will charge a fixed rate.

You may wonder for this reason why it may be worth investing in your own electric car charger when you can do so already elsewhere or for free?

But all things considered when it comes to convenience, cost, and the overall intuitive experience of being able to properly charge your car at home, you will understand just how vital it is to invest in having an efficient charging station at home.

Charging from a Public Charging Station

While there are limited public charging stations around compared to petrol stations, you may have the fortune of living not too far from one. These stations often allow you to charge your vehicle for free or for a fixed rate, but how fast the charge will depend on your car. Most EV car users use these facilities to top up while out and about, or before heading out.

You may be able to get a full charge, but it will depend on the size of your battery and how much time you have to wait.

Charging from a Power Point

Yes! You’ve got that right. You can plug your car in and charge from a power point. You should note though that this method is exponentially slower than using an EV charger. The speed of the charge will be based on the amperage of your power point. You can get by this way occasionally if you have 24 hours or so to spare, but otherwise you’re better off getting to a public fast-charging station.

Some employers may also be happy to let you charge your vehicle from a power point on site when you are at work. But like anything related to work, it’s best to have that conversation first.

Charging from an Electric Car Charger

You might wonder what the point of a home EV charger when public fast charging stations are available. From low to full, charging an electric car takes time. More so than refuelling a car with petrol or diesel. By owning your own electric car charger, you don’t have to worry about being stranded and waiting for long intervals in a public space.

You will be able to plug in your car, then go about your evening and not come back until later in the night or morning.

Factors That Affect Charging Speed

When it comes to determining how fast you will be able to charge up your electric vehicle, it’s important to take these matters in mind:

  • Battery Size: the bigger the battery, the longer it will take to charge.
  • Battery Status: how full or empty your tank will also have a factor of how long you may need to wait.
  • Vehicle’s Maximum Charging Rate: each vehicle has its own rate of how quickly it will charge, which will remain the same no matter what you do.
  • Charge Point’s Maximum Charging Rate: how fast you can expect your charge will also be determined on the charging point that you are plugging into.
  • Weather: lower temperatures, for whatever reason, takes longer to charge in. Your car is also likely to be less efficient in colder climates.

The Added Benefits of Charging at Home

  • Cheaper Than Fuel
  • Fast Charging
  • More Convenient
  • Don’t go out of your way to charge
  • EV charger installations can increase the value of your property
  • Make charging more efficient & accessible

Charging From Solar Power

When you have solar panels installed, you can also reap the benefits of this clean energy with your electric vehicle. Charging will be most efficient in the day when the sun is up and at its brightest in the sky. But with a solar battery, you can also extend the availability of this technology to draw on clean renewable energy to recharge your electric or hybrid vehicle anytime you are at home.

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