Can Installing Solar Panels Raise Property Values?

by | Jun 24, 2022

Solar panel installation Sydney

Renewable energy has been an important topic for quite some time, both globally and in Australia. While the benefits of solar energy are well known, does the solar system itself provide increased property value?

According to a research survey conducted by, 85% of Australians look at solar as something that adds value to a home. This same survey also identified that three-quarters of renters would pay additional rent for homes with a solar panel installation.

How much value?
But just how much worth can a solar system potentially add to your property? While there are no exact figures, Momentum Energy estimates an increase of almost $6000 per kilowatt of solar energy.

While solar panels have become more affordable over the years, they still have an upfront cost that could be a potential barrier to entry. Luckily, there are plenty of government incentives and rebates to help reduce costs and increase ROI.

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Electrical essentials
Renovations and remodels are always popular when it comes to selling properties; increasing the value with upgrades and redesigns. Alongside improvements to bathrooms and kitchens, solar panel installation is desirable for one simple reason; electricity is essential.

Since every household uses electricity in varying degrees, a solar system offsetting the costs of that electricity will often be seen as a positive. It can also serve to attract homebuyers who are specifically interested in renewable energy solutions.

As an added bonus, a solar system will provide immediate benefits for your electricity bill, both before and after your house goes on the market.

Ideal positioning
When it comes to the effectiveness and efficiency of a solar system, the position of the installation is crucial. Panels should be installed in a location free from shade or obstructions, oriented to receive as much sunlight as possible.

Solar panels facing the optimal direction help potential buyers or investors view your property in the best possible light. Solar System, one of the best solar installation companies in Sydney, offers free assessments to help determine the ideal position, orientation, and tilt.

Size of installation
Due to solar panels becoming more affordable over time, as well as being available in higher capacities, it can be more feasible to purchase and install larger solar systems. Complemented by high-quality solar panel installation in Sydney, sizeable systems can offer increased energy generation, efficiency, and savings on electricity bills.

While this can not only suggest future savings for potential buyers, installing solar panels can reduce energy costs both before and after your home goes on the market.

As the focus shifts further onto renewable energy sources and green solutions, eco-friendly homes can have a stronger pull on potential buyers. Alongside increasing shade and ensuring your home utilises effective insulation, a solar system is a prime way to increase your home’s energy rating.

Reducing the volume of power pulled from the electricity grid can not only reduce household costs but lower carbon emissions. The more efficient a solar system, the more energy can be supplied by renewable sources, especially when paired with a solar storage system.

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