Can I Install A Solar System On My Metal Shed?

by | Jul 22, 2022

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One of the more obvious limitations for solar system installation in Sydney is the amount of available space for the panels themselves. If you already have an existing shed or are considering one, you may have the perfect platform for solar panel installation.

Installing solar panels on your shed, as well as on the roof of your home, can allow for solar generation from multiple sources. This can offer higher potential energy gain/electricity offsets and allow installation at different orientations.

If you use your shed as a workshop or garage, solar panels can be the perfect way to power your tools, lighting, and electrical appliances without increasing your energy bill.


If you have an older shed that may have asbestos present, it’s recommended the roof/affected area is replaced before installing solar panels. Along with the health risks inherent with asbestos, the entire shed may potentially need to be removed, which will require the removal and relocation of your panels.

Shed strength

If you are thinking of installing solar systems on an existing metal shed, make sure to consider the strength of the structure. Many sheds, especially older ones, may not have been constructed to withstand any significant increase in pressure.

Particularly prevalent with larger systems, the panels themselves can introduce additional weight, pressure, and drag. This can affect the strength or durability of the shed. Even if the shed itself can withstand the weight increase, wind or other climatic factors could increase the strain on the structure.

The stability/instability of your shed will depend on the size of your preferred solar system and the number of required panels. Wider or longer sheds can naturally fit higher numbers of panels which may compromise the safety or integrity of the roof.

To prevent potential retrofits, you may wish to upgrade or replace your shed/roof before solar panel installation. Alternatively, ensure any new sheds have the capability to accommodate future panels, even if you don’t plan on immediately installing solar.

Reputable installer

Choosing a reputable and trusted installer is always recommended with any solar system installation in Sydney and a shed roof is no exception. Choosing the best solar installation company, such as the experienced team at Solar System, can provide you with high-quality renewable energy for years to come.

A reputable installer can also ensure that solar panels don’t prevent any accumulated rain, dirt, and debris from running off the roof sheeting.


Wiring is going to be an important part of solar panel installation regardless of whether it’s on your home or garage but it should still be considered. Your shed will need the proper wiring to supply electricity to your home and to the grid, especially if you wish to take advantage of feed-in tariffs and increase your solar savings.

The best way to determine if your shed is ideal for solar installation is to reach out to Solar System, one of the best solar installation companies in Sydney.

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