Are Solar Panels Worth It? Here’s What You Need To Know

by | Jun 17, 2022

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While solar panels in Sydney have become more affordable with each passing year, solar panel prices can still require a substantial investment. Whether a solar system is worth adding to your home or investment property depends on your electricity usage habits.

The great news is that high-quality panels are always a positive addition and can pay themselves off in as little as 4 years, depending on usage.

Why a solar system?

An efficient source of green energy, solar panels offer a solution to rising electricity prices, reducing the costs of power bills with renewables. They can boost property values, provide solar credits with feed-in tariffs, and be tailored to your home usage. Combined with more efficient production and lower costs, solar panels are more worth it than ever before.

However, it is paramount you choose to buy solar panels of the highest quality, such as those available at Solar System. Substandard solar panels may not function properly or be as efficient as higher-tier models.

When do you use power?

Before getting started on your solar journey, it’s a good idea to consider how and when you use your electricity. As solar panels generate power as the sun shines, you may not be able to take full advantage if you’re not home during the day.

This can be alleviated with the help of solar batteries to store renewable power for later use or by scheduling major appliances and device charging during the day.

Solar consumption

The main benefits of a solar system are determined by your solar self-consumption. The more renewable energy is directly used by your household, the less energy has to be purchased from the grid. While tailoring your solar system to your current usage can be an advantage, the lower prices and higher capacities of modern solar panels allow you to future-proof your home.

Higher capacities allow you to adapt to increases in energy consumption, enjoy credits on your electricity bill through feed-in tariffs, or make use of solar storage solutions.

Solar storage

Solar batteries are an excellent complement to solar panels and can be added after the initial purchase or installed at the same time. Almost an essential extra, solar batteries store unused energy for later household use; perfect for cloudy days or nights.

This solar stockpile can aid in paying off your system, as you won’t need to purchase excess power from the grid.


While a lot of value from solar panels is provided over time, the initial price barrier may prevent you from experiencing the benefits of solar. Fortunately, many reputable solar panel retailers offer financing options/payback plans to help you on your solar journey. This is in addition to government rebates and incentives including the Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

The NSW government even offers a Low-Income Solar Scheme for eligible Australians who receive the Low Income Household Rebate.

There has never been a better time to buy solar panels in Sydney. Reach out to Solar System today for a free assessment.

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