7x Common Solar Myths

by | May 13, 2022

Solar Energy CompaniesWhen it comes to renewable energy, solar has been in the sunlight for quite some time. Despite this, many myths are still prevalent around the solar industry. As one of Australia’s leading solar energy companies, we at Solar System have debunked seven of the most common misconceptions.

Solar panels aren’t cost-efficient:

While price is a big factor when it comes to homes or businesses investing in solar, there are an abundance of incentives to encourage the switch. These include the Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) and feed-in tariffs, which is a rate paid for excess electricity sent into the grid.

Solar panels won’t work on cloudy days:

Solar rays still pass through clouds and can be absorbed by solar panels. While solar panels may not be as efficient on a cloudy day compared to one with clear blue skies, energy is still being collected. The efficiency of the panels depends on the type and volume of cloud cover.

Solar power is sent back to the grid:

However, solar power isn’t sent directly into the main power grid. Any excess electricity that is generated by your system can be funnelled to the wider electricity system, often providing a further offset to the cost of your energy bills.

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More solar panels = cheaper electricity:
Not necessarily!

A solar panel system works best when in consideration of your electricity requirements. Too many solar panels may provide more electricity than you can use. Energy bill costs can depend on making the most of solar during the day and reducing consumption at night.

To take advantage of extra solar power, you may even consider a solar battery. Instead of feeding energy back into the grid, a solar battery stores it for later use.

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Solar panels provide blackout power:

When a blackout occurs, solar panels will automatically stop working to prevent excess energy from flowing back into the grid. This is to ensure the safety of electrical workers who may be fixing the grid. However, solar energy companies like Solar System can offer solar storage systems which can provide backup power.

Solar panels are only worth it during the day:
Not true!

While solar panels provide the greatest energy offset during the day, you don’t need to be home to take full advantage. Solar can lower the cost of running appliances such as hot water systems and fridges during the day.

Additionally, you can increase the efficiency by charging devices during the day, setting washing and drying cycles on timers, and more.

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Solar panels are high maintenance:

While it’s important to give your solar panels a wipe/hose down every few months to ensure maximum efficiency, they are quite simple to maintain. Rainfall works well to rinse off the dust from the surface, especially if the panels are installed at a slight angle.

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