6 Tips For More Efficient Solar Panels In 2022

by | Jun 3, 2022

Buy solar panels

Whether you have an existing solar system or are looking to buy solar panels in Sydney, ensuring it runs efficiently is key to maximising your savings.

Purchase and installation:

If you don’t yet have solar panels and are looking around for the right solar panel price and installation, ensure you use reputable products and companies. Lower-quality solar panels won’t be as efficient as Tier 1 products; potentially resulting in faster degradation and reduced performance.

When installing solar panels in Sydney, consult with your assessor to determine the best direction for your panels to face. While North-facing panels tend to generate the most energy, you may wish to orient them East or West for tailored solar power. East-facing panels will provide the bulk of their energy in the morning while West-facing panels generate more electricity in the afternoon.

Solar panel maintenance:

Regular maintenance of your solar panels and the wider solar system is one of the best methods to optimise efficiency. Regular servicing of the panels, inverter, and any batteries can help to prevent problems before they occur.

It is recommended to schedule a professional service every five years or if you have concerns about your system. Signs that your solar system needs maintenance include:

  • Panels that are dirty or obstructed
  • Alerts or warnings from your system
  • Unusual increases in your energy bill

Tracking performance

Understanding your solar output and energy usage is essential to optimising performance. Many apps/programs offer reliable tracking of panels and inverters. You can not only monitor energy generation over the course of the day, but you can also track seasonal changes. Longer days in summer and shorter days in winter may significantly affect power generation. Through performance tracking, you can manage your energy more efficiently.

Switch to energy-efficient appliances

Taking a closer look at your chosen appliances and electrical fittings can help you increase the efficiency of your solar system. If one or two appliances are using more energy than necessary, it reduces the output to the rest of your home.

If possible, consider switching to energy-efficient LED lightbulbs which require less electricity to power than other bulb types.

Upgrading appliances to cordless/battery-powered versions provide you with more control of your electricity. Make the most of the solar energy by charging batteries when your panels are in full sunlight.

Schedule energy usage

Schedule the use of high-energy appliances throughout the day. This reduces the volume of energy being used at once, helping your system offset costs more efficiently. Depending on the orientation of your solar panels, you may generate more energy in the morning or the afternoon.

Your local installer of solar panels in Sydney, such as Solar System, can help you tailor your electricity usage.

Smart home connections

If you have or are considering a smart home ecosystem, it can be used in tandem with your solar panels. Take advantage of sunlight when you aren’t home using connected lighting and temperature control.

Heating & Cooling can be an important factor when it comes to the costs of your energy bills. Compatible smart air conditioners/heaters allow you to adjust the temperature remotely, using solar power at the optimal time for a comfortable home environment.

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