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Going to solar is one of the most effective ways to save the cost of electricity on residential or commercial properties without impacting daily routines. In recent times, more and more Australian households and businesses are adopting solar systems to be more energy efficient. Installing solar panels can offer around 50-60% reduction on the cost of electricity along with additional sustainability benefits to property owners.

Key benefits of going solar:

  • Going solar is beneficial in protecting and increasing the life of our planet.
  • If your panel generates excess energy, you can store the excess energy in the batteries or export it to the grid.
  • Our solar systems come with an intelligent bypass facility for allowing higher loads.
  • These systems come with neat apps for monitoring the details of usage remotely.

When it comes to going for a solar system for your home or office, you must ensure that you are dealing with a reputable and reliable provider for your solar power installation. And this is where you can count on us. We are industry leaders in offering solar services such as design, sales, and installations in Lismore.

We are the most reliable solar partner you can have:

Being one of the leading solar panel service providers, we have the reputation of working only with the leading solar panel manufacturers in Australia. Besides, we also have the record of completing thousands of solar installations to date in and around Lismore. And the installation jobs range from small-scale residential solar systems to large-scale commercial systems. Apart from that, we also help our clients with backup generation while allowing them to keep the doors open in times of grid outages. This way, the solutions we offer help the residential and commercial property owners to reduce their energy requirements of their properties.

How do we provide custom Solar System solutions to our customers?

It is a 5-step process that helps you get the best custom-made solutions:

Step 1- Booking an appointment- You must start somewhere, so reach out to us and get a free appointment wherein our trained assessors will reach your location to get the area assessment done with the help of a 3D aerial imagery technology, which will then help determine the solar power needs for your space, be it a residential or commercial area.

Step 2- Getting Free Solar Assessment done- Once our professional assessors determine your requirements, they provide you with custom-tailored systems that meet your demand and accordingly quote, and payments are discussed with the client.

Step 3- The Cool-Off period- Once our assessors provide you with all the information regarding your needs and provide you with the quote, we offer our clients a 10-day cooling-off period, so that they can peacefully decide on installing a solar system from us.

Step 4- Installations- Once the cool-off period is completed and if you have decided to go further, then our experts will take care of the entire installation process. We have the fastest turnaround time, which is going to give you faster savings on your electric bills.

Step 5- After Sales Services and Warranty- We have the best-in-class after-sales service to meet all your Solar System needs. All our products come with a 25-year warranty and we also provide a 10-year workmanship warranty, so that you have your peace of mind guaranteed. We can assure you that no other service provider can help you with such generous warranty periods.

Small Home


LONGi 370watt Half Cut panels

5kw Solis inverter

Medium Home


LONGi 370watt Half Cut panels

8kw Solis inverter - single phase

Big Family Home


LONGi 370watt Half Cut panels

2x5kw Solis inverter - single phase Or 10kw Solis inverter - three phase

Small Business


LONGi 370watt Half Cut panels

10kw Solis inverter

Large Corporate


LONGi 370watt Half Cut panels

20kw Solis inverter

Massive Business


LONGi 370watt Half Cut panels

30kw Solis inverter


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5 Step Process


Book Appointment

Book your free solar assessment with one of our trained assessors. Using 3D aerial imagery technology, we will assess the layout of your home and determine your eligibility for solar power.


Cooling-Off Period

Our solar assessment is obligation-free. Therefore, we offer a 10-day cooling off period.


After-Care & Warranty

Our high quality products are all backed by very generous warranty periods.


Free Solar Assessment

One of our professional assessors will help you pick a system tailored to best fit your home and go through all payment options with you.



Our team will take care of the entire installation process. With a quick turnaround time, you will be saving on your electricity bills in no time.


Book Appointment

Book you free solar assessment with one of our trained assessors. Using 3D areial imagery technology, we will assess the layout of your home and determine your eligibility for solar power. One of our appointment setter will assist you in booking an appointment time that best suits you.


Free Solar Assessment

One of our professional asessors will call you or come to you for an no obligation free solar assessment. They wil help you pick a system tailored to best fit your home and go through all payment options with you.


Cooling-off Period

Our solar assessment are obligation free. There fore, we offer a 10-day cooling off period.



Our team will take crae of the entire installation process while staying in touch with you along the way. With a quick turn around time, you will be saving on you relectricity bills in no time.


After-Care & Warranty

Our high-quality solar panels are backed by a very generous product and performance warranty of 25 years, along with a 15 years warranty on workmanship. As well as this, we offer a 10 year extendable warranty on all Solar Inverters.

What makes us different?

Being an experienced solar panels installation company, we know well that solar power installation is an important investment for every home and business. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that the process becomes as simple and rewarding as possible for our clients.

And here are the things that make us different.

  • We do not believe in any pushy sales tactics. Instead, we take time to explain to our clients about all their options and help to address all their concerns and suggestions.
  • We only use the best quality equipment, sourced from top manufacturers.
  • We have an in-house team of installers who are highly experienced and flexible. So, you can only expect a professional installation job from them.
  • We do not think that our job completes after installing the solar system in our clients' places. We offer them support to activate their systems and then connecting their systems to the grid so that they can sell the surplus electricity back to the energy provider in Lismore. Therefore, we offer great after-sales service to each of our clients to offer them the honour and support that our warranties claim.

For smart, reliable, and affordable solar — call us at 02 88592525 for your FREE energy assessment.


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