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Installation of solar panels in Goulburn is becoming more popular and people are therefore realising the benefits of solar. To cater to the needs of customers looking for commercial solar systems for residential & industrial purposes, we have systems in all ranges and sizes. Our huge variety of solar systems are well-suited to homes, businesses, and industries of any size. We are a leading supplier & installer of solar systems in the Goulburn region with a skilled team that goes across the most remote areas of the region to reach every nook & corner. Our skilled team can not only install but also maintain & repair the panels with excellence.

Systems for homes

The biggest demand for solar systems is for residential purposes. The biggest concern for most homeowners is a high energy bill that eats out a huge chunk of money from their monthly earnings. Consequently, homeowners look for alternatives to cut down their energy consumption and experience low utility bills. Well, solar systems are the ideal choice for homes experiencing high energy bills. Solar System Pty Ltd has the best solar panels that ensure to cut down the energy consumption and help homeowners make significant savings in the long run.

Solar systems for commercial purposes

With the increasing popularity of solar systems, they are very much in demand for commercial purposes too. Many commercial businesses are looking forward to investing in this highly valuable renewable energy system that is good for the long term. These commercial solar panels in Goulburn are very much effective in helping business owners save money. Most business owners are drawn to Solar System Pty Ltd for their commercial solar system needs because of the quality of systems we supply. We have solar solutions available for businesses of all sizes, which makes this energy solution a promising venture for them.


We provide services in the following solar solution needs:

  • Residential & Commercial Solar Installations
  • Battery Grid/Off-Grid Installations
  • Ground Solar Farm Installations
  • Electric Car Charger Installation

The Range of our Solar Products includes :

  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Batteries
  • Solis Inverters 
  • Electric Car Chargers

The installation of our solar panels is done in 4 simple steps-:

  1. Site inspection using 3D ariel technology.
  2. Free Solar Assessment.
  3. Give a timeline of 10 days to our customers to decide on their options.
  4. Installation of the solar system by our experts.
  5. After care maintenance of the solar panels is provided with 25 years of warranty and 10 years of warranty on workmanship.

Small Home


LONGi 370watt Half Cut panels

5kw Solis inverter

Medium Home


LONGi 370watt Half Cut panels

8kw Solis inverter - single phase

Big Family Home


LONGi 370watt Half Cut panels

2x5kw Solis inverter - single phase Or 10kw Solis inverter - three phase

Small Business


LONGi 370watt Half Cut panels

10kw Solis inverter

Large Corporate


LONGi 370watt Half Cut panels

20kw Solis inverter

Massive Business


LONGi 370watt Half Cut panels

30kw Solis inverter


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Residential & Commercial
Solar System Installation

Battery Grid/Off-Grid

Ground Solar Farm

Electric Car Charger

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5 Step Process


Book Appointment

Book your free solar assessment with one of our trained assessors. Using 3D aerial imagery technology, we will assess the layout of your home and determine your eligibility for solar power.


Cooling-Off Period

Our solar assessment is obligation-free. Therefore, we offer a 10-day cooling off period.


After-Care & Warranty

Our high quality products are all backed by very generous warranty periods.


Free Solar Assessment

One of our professional assessors will help you pick a system tailored to best fit your home and go through all payment options with you.



Our team will take care of the entire installation process. With a quick turnaround time, you will be saving on your electricity bills in no time.


Book Appointment

Book you free solar assessment with one of our trained assessors. Using 3D areial imagery technology, we will assess the layout of your home and determine your eligibility for solar power. One of our appointment setter will assist you in booking an appointment time that best suits you.


Free Solar Assessment

One of our professional asessors will call you or come to you for an no obligation free solar assessment. They wil help you pick a system tailored to best fit your home and go through all payment options with you.


Cooling-off Period

Our solar assessment are obligation free. There fore, we offer a 10-day cooling off period.



Our team will take crae of the entire installation process while staying in touch with you along the way. With a quick turn around time, you will be saving on you relectricity bills in no time.


After-Care & Warranty

Our high-quality solar panels are backed by a very generous product and performance warranty of 25 years, along with a 15 years warranty on workmanship. As well as this, we offer a 10 year extendable warranty on all Solar Inverters.

Our work processes

While there are so many companies dealing in the manufacturing and sales of solar panels in Goulburn, we are the leading suppliers & installers in the region as we have the best solar solutions.

  • Our team takes down all the requirements of the customers. We then provide the best solution customised to their needs. 
  • We tailor the solar solution keeping in mind the requirements, budget, local climate, and roof size provided by the customer. 
  • Our experts will guide and suggest the legal paperwork to install the solar panels decided. We also offer one-to-one attention to every customer and only one specialist will take care of everything that customer wants. 
  • We are available to direct the maintenance and upkeep of the solar solutions so that they last long without any need for repairs.

Wish to install a solar system for the factory, home, establishment, or warehouse? Want to collect some more knowledge about solar solutions and their long-term benefits. Contact our solar experts today at 02 88592525 to understand the entire installation process and ask for a free quote.


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