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Australia is known for the highest electricity prices in this world. But at the same time, Australia also receives abundant sunlight, making it the perfect place for generating solar power. And this combination of ample sunshine and high electricity prices signifies that you will be able to pay back the cost of the solar system within 5-6 years. Besides, with great sunny conditions for most of the year, you can be assured that the solar panels would offer you desired results and incredible savings. Going solar is not only effective for reducing the use of electricity through conventional fossil fuelled energy, but it is also effective in increasing the value of your property. It is also a great investment that can offer you better ROI compared to any other investments. But to get the best returns, it is important to ensure that you install the system properly. And only a good solar panels installer can help you with this. These days, many solar installers are operating in and around Maitland. So, when you look for the best, you can consider choosing us.

We help you to get the right solar system for your home and business:

We are one of the leading and most experienced solar panel installers in Maitland, whom the residential and commercial property owners choose to get their customised solar panels installed with ease. Apart from offering solar panel installation services, we also offer solar battery solutions where you can preserve the excess energy generated.

We know every property has different energy requirements. Therefore, we always customise the solar panels for each of our clients and offer them no-obligation quotes. Apart from that, we have a team of friendly customer consultants, who are ready to serve you if you want to talk to the experts face-to-face before proceeding. Our consultants will explain all the details without asking anything from you. Each consultant of our company is highly passionate about renewable energy resources and therefore you can only expect to get the right advice from them.

We also keep ourselves updated with the latest information on the subsidies, renewable energy rebates, and other financial incentives offered by the Australian Federal and State government. And this also helps the property owners to save more costs by choosing Solar Systems Pty Ltd.

Why should you choose Solar System Pty Ltd for your Solar System needs?

  • We are the leading company in Australia that is Australian owned and operated which provides the best services for all your Solar System needs.
  • We have our in-house technicians to help you find the right match and get installations done to perfection without any delays. 
  • Having our trucks to get your deliveries made is an added advantage to get timely deliveries at the shortest turnaround time.
  • Purchasing the stocks directly from the manufacturer has helped us provide our clients with solar systems at much cost-effective pricing.
  • We have a professional customer support team that can help quickly resolve all your doubts and queries related to Solar System needs.
  • We have highly trained and CEC accredited installers that have over 12-years of experience and can help one out for all the stages right from your Solar Assessment done to the installations and after-sales servicing and maintenance.
  • We provide our clients with a 25-year warranty on the products installed and a 10-years warranty for the services provided.
  • We have a flexible payment method wherein you can even pay your bills after the installation of your solar system.
  • Get the best-in-class materials and services for Residential and Commercial Solar System Installations, Battery ON/OFF Grid Installations, Ground Solar Farm Installations and Electric Car Charger Installations.
  • Go Green, Go Solar and save the environment!

What makes us different?

  1. We use the latest solar panel and solar battery solutions to offer residential or commercial properties with the latest solar solution. And to do this, we only collect the materials from the best solar panel manufacturers.
  2. We help our clients save money on installing solar panels by making them qualified for the solar subsidy, rebate, or grant.
  3. We specialise in offering the best solar systems with a record of reputable tier 1 systems at the most affordable rates.
  4. All the panels we offer come with years of warranty.
  5. Depending on the clients' requirements, we also offer interest-free payment finance plans for installing the solar system.
  6. Each of the installation plans backed up by efficient and prompt after-sales service.

Small Home


LONGi 370watt Half Cut panels

5kw Solis inverter

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LONGi 370watt Half Cut panels

8kw Solis inverter - single phase

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LONGi 370watt Half Cut panels

2x5kw Solis inverter - single phase Or 10kw Solis inverter - three phase

Small Business


LONGi 370watt Half Cut panels

10kw Solis inverter

Large Corporate


LONGi 370watt Half Cut panels

20kw Solis inverter

Massive Business


LONGi 370watt Half Cut panels

30kw Solis inverter


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Book your free solar assessment with one of our trained assessors. Using 3D aerial imagery technology, we will assess the layout of your home and determine your eligibility for solar power.


Cooling-Off Period

Our solar assessment is obligation-free. Therefore, we offer a 10-day cooling off period.


After-Care & Warranty

Our high quality products are all backed by very generous warranty periods.


Free Solar Assessment

One of our professional assessors will help you pick a system tailored to best fit your home and go through all payment options with you.



Our team will take care of the entire installation process. With a quick turnaround time, you will be saving on your electricity bills in no time.


Book Appointment

Book you free solar assessment with one of our trained assessors. Using 3D areial imagery technology, we will assess the layout of your home and determine your eligibility for solar power. One of our appointment setter will assist you in booking an appointment time that best suits you.


Free Solar Assessment

One of our professional asessors will call you or come to you for an no obligation free solar assessment. They wil help you pick a system tailored to best fit your home and go through all payment options with you.


Cooling-off Period

Our solar assessment are obligation free. There fore, we offer a 10-day cooling off period.



Our team will take crae of the entire installation process while staying in touch with you along the way. With a quick turn around time, you will be saving on you relectricity bills in no time.


After-Care & Warranty

Our high-quality solar panels are backed by a very generous product and performance warranty of 25 years, along with a 15 years warranty on workmanship. As well as this, we offer a 10 year extendable warranty on all Solar Inverters.

Contact our solar installation team in Maitland at 1800 975 270 to get the best solar energy system for your money & our team will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your requirements.


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